20 Amazing Bodies of NCIS Stars


NCIS has been on our screens since 2003, and features some of the most well-known actors and entertainers in the industry. From LL Cool J to Lauren Holly, these stars work hard to stay camera-ready on a show that’s been running for 20 years. So how do they do it? Through discipline and healthy habits—not to mention happiness and plenty of fun. Here’s how 20 cast members of NCIS take care of their health and wellness.1

Maria Bello

Maria Bello played Jacqueline Sloane. The actress loves Pilates and working out with a trainer. “I have a trainer named Aimee Carpenter, and she has this company called Indigo Mountain,” she says. “Some days we go for a hike, other days we do weights at my house. It’s kind of like going with the flow instead of thinking, ‘I have to do 20 squats today.’ I also do Pilates at a studio called Embodiment.”

Pauley Perrette


Pauley Perrette, 54, played Abby Sciuto. The actress prefers working out at home over going to a gym. “Learn the simple art of using your own body weight to work out,” she says

. “There’s no need to go to a gym. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats, wall presses, running up and down stairs. Everything you need to get in shape, you have.”3Lauren Holl

LL Cool J


LL Cool J played Sam Hanna. The actor works out with a personal trainer. “It’s important to have somebody there to push me. Every player needs a coach,” he says. “There’s nothing wrong with not having a trainer, but I prefer it. I do a minimum of four workouts a week — usually an hour on workdays and two hours the other days. I combine weights and cardio. I jump rope, run and lift weights. I do pull-ups and push-ups, plus core work with a ball, while lying on an incline. I also run up hills. I measure my heart rate on the treadmill. I don’t use monitoring devices or apps. Instead, I go by the mirror. I rarely use a scale.”


Daniela Ruah


Daniela Ruah, 39, played Kensi Blye. The actress has been dancing since she was 5. “Do I dance at home? Sure,” she says. “Sometimes my son and I will prance around the house and dance. He responds to music so wonderfully, but I wouldn’t say it is something that brought me back into shape. I didn’t do any (dance) classes. I wish I had. It was mostly gym work with a personal trainer, jogging, working out with the kids, and eating healthily.”


Jennifer Esposito

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Jennifer Esposito, 50, played Alexandra Quinn. The actress was diagnosed with celiac disease in her 30s. “It’s an autoimmune disease, so you really have to stay on top of it,” she says. “When you feel a flare coming on, if you don’t take charge right then, it’ll cycle out of control. I feel great right now, but my killer is stress, and I’m still learning how to deal with that. Meditation helps a lot.”

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