A Deformed-faced Puppy is Rescued By a Family That Loves Him Exactly As He Is

Arrow the dog had a horrible and horrific beginning to life, but he is now as happy as his movies and photographs show. Anyone who had seen him as a puppy in his terrible state would have predicted his demise.

He never imagined, however, that fate would assign him true angels as parents, who would embrace and accept him despite his shocking disfigurements.

When Arrow first arrived at the doors of the animal rescue organization PMM Rescue Inc., he was in a bad state. They discovered that his jaw had been terribly damaged as a result of a vicious bite he had received from another dog. Regrettably, it was too late to save his lower right jaw.


Because it was so necrotic and sick, it smelled like a rotting corpse. The only other option was to take out the dead bone. The vets had no choice but to totally amputate the lower right side of the jaw and partially amputate the upper right side.

Dr. Sidhu of Bakersfield, California, was the hero who spent hours executing the complicated and time-consuming surgery on Arrow. He insisted on caring for the little dog and saving Arrow’s life before he left.

His youthful face is permanently scarred from the assault, but his disposition, which has always been positive and upbeat, is untouched.

His tragic beginnings, but more importantly the tremendous warrior and creature of light he has become as a result of the unceasing outpouring of love, are revealed in a fantastic video that made his story famous.

Arrow enjoys eating, playing baseball, learning new abilities, and drinking water while making the biggest messes. While he would rather cuddle, offer slobbery kisses, nap, sleep a little longer in the morning, and go for walks with his folks in the evening.

Arrow (@arrowtotherescue) shared a publication.

Despite any potential limitations or physical defects, his family welcomes him just as he is. Because despite being two years old, Arrow still has a puppy’s spirit. Because he is aware that he is the most adored member of the family, he has always been jovial and animated throughout the day. As a result, he enjoys it and “does what he wants.”

Although his family is accustomed to chasing him around the house, cleaning up after him whenever he makes a mess, and collecting the countless kibbles that drop from his crooked mouth when he eats, his owner would not trade him for anything.

The story of this odd dog plainly demonstrates that a person’s or a puppy’s intrinsic worth has nothing to do with how they appear on the outside. Nothing could be more true than the Little Prince’s adage, “What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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