A dog with a broken hip lay in the sewer, a pitiful sight that elicited a surge of compassion and an unwavering determination to rescue and heal the suffering creature.

Upon receiving calls from people at the scene, the rescue team quickly appeared. It was a typical evening in the city when a passerby noticed a small dog lying on the side of the road. The dog was lying motionless, and there were bloodstains all around him. It was not clear what happened to him, but for sure he was in critical condition. The people at the scene also didn’t know the cause, but maybe he was hit by a car because there were many blood marks on his head.

It was clear that the dog, now named Ulan, had been lying there for a long time without anyone helping. Someone heard his screams but they still left. His body froze because it was bone-chilling cold outside. When the rescue team arrived, they immediately assessed Ulan’s condition. He was barely breathing, and his pulse was weak. It was evident that he needed immediate medical attention.

The team quickly loaded him into the van and rushed him to the nearest veterinary hospital. Ulan was hospitalized in a pretty critical condition, with an extremely low body temperature, difficulty breathing, shock, and blood loss. Doctors had to clean the wound, clean his body, and wait for him to settle down, then continue to take X-rays.

Early in the morning, Ulan was X-rayed, and as a result, his hip was broken. It was a severe injury, but with the current situation, Ulan couldn’t have surgery. The only option was to manage his pain with painkillers and monitor his condition closely.

Serum therapy had been performed to try and boost his immune system, but diarrhea and nausea continued. There were people who said yogurt was good for nausea, so I fed him it with a syringe. We also tried to give him antibiotics to prevent infection.

Days passed, and Ulan’s condition was still critical. He was barely conscious, and his body was not responding to treatment as expected. The veterinary team and I were doing everything we could to keep him alive. We would feed him through a syringe and change his bedding regularly.

Then, one day, a miracle happened. I could not fully describe the joy of that day. This was the first time he woke up and sat up. We expected a better strength in the next time. He seemed to be lying down because his eyes were still open. I called him, but he didn’t answer. I touched him, he was cold like ice. It was a setback, but we didn’t lose hope.

We continued to monitor Ulan’s condition closely. However, despite our best efforts, Ulan passed away after a few more days. His body is no longer working, and we can’t help him anymore. It was heart-wrenching to see him go, and we all felt a profound sense of loss.

Goodbye little man, we will miss you so much. We didn’t know much about Ulan before he was brought to us. We didn’t know how old he was, who his owner was, or where he came from. But what we did know was that he was a fighter. He had battled against all odds to stay alive, and we did everything we could to help him.

Ulan’s story is not unique. There are countless animals like him that are abandoned, neglected, and left to die on the streets. It is up to us to be their voice, to be their advocates, and to help them in any way we can. We must do everything we can to prevent animal cruelty, to promote animal welfare, and to make this world a better place for all creatures, great and small.

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