A furry addition: Dog insists on being part of newborn photos, bringing warmth and joy to the family’s cherished memories.

When the baby was born, mom Kelly Madsen let their pup Bentley be familiar with his scent, writes majesticanimals

So as soon as the boy got home and Bentley smelled him, he was very excited and immediately became a great older brother. Bentley can’t take his eyes off the baby so much that he insists on taking part in the newborn’s photo shoot! It was definitely love at first sight.

When Bentley was about to have a younger brother, his mother prepared him to meet the baby. She gave Bentley the blanket that her newborn baby used to “sniff it and get used to the baby’s scent” . “When we finally got the baby home, we left him on his child seat, and Bentley ran straight to him, sniffed him, and wag his tail with excitement,” Kelly Madsen told Dodo.

Kelly knew immediately that Bentley would be a great older brother. And she was right.

“Bentley has been very, very nice to him and seems to have understood that he was part of our team,” Kelly continued.

The caring puppy is very serious about his new responsibilities as the baby’s older brother. He always took care of him and has become so protective of baby.
“Every time he hears a scream, he comes running and starts whining to warn us that the baby needs us,” Kelly said. “We have a baby cradle where the baby sleeps, and Bentley can’t see the baby directly, so he gets very upset when we put the baby in it.”
Kelly was pleasantly surprised by Bentley’s constant help. She believes that Bentley will be his best friend as well as the older brother and protector of her baby.

One day, Bentley parents decided to have a newborn photo session for the baby. Everything was set up, but the persistent Bentley, which was not originally on set, would not let the baby get off his sight.
“Bentley insisted on being right next to the kid so there was no option to take them without him – and they got better for that,” Kelly said.

Bentley was finally part of the photo session, which turned out to be very good as the puppy was used to posing for the photo. Being with his little brother made it even better.
Their mother was delighted when Bentley insisted on participating, which made the photos even more adorable!

“I love the pictures. It’s amazing to see the relationship between our two children. Even if one child is a little more furrier than the other,” said Kelly. “Bentley was our first child and it warmed my heart to see how kind and loving he is!”

The two will undoubtedly be each other’s best friends. Perhaps that scent was a good starting point for this wonderful relationship.

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