A kind-hearted woman adopted a child that nobody wanted to adopt – take a look at how he looks now.


Niki had a large family, including a great daughter from her previous marriage and a loving husband. There was, however, a childhood memory that she couldn’t shake. Niki desired to adopt a child and provide them with a loving household and nurturing environment. She had her husband’s backing, and the two of them decided to adopt a child from an orphanage.

They looked through a lot of profiles before deciding on a young child who had a very low chance of being adopted. Rustam has a number of developmental flaws from birth. When she saw his condition, his mother left him.

She was held accountable for living an unhealthy lifestyle while pregnant. Due to his hereditary facial traits, the boy was fed through a tube because he was unable to feed himself. Rustam was also verbally impaired and had developmental delays. He had just one leg at birth. The best they could do was recreate his face.

Niki acknowledged that she wasn’t scared when she first met the child. She instantly began to consider ways she and her spouse might assist him. Rustam began using crutches and later a prosthetic to walk exactly one year after the adoption. He spent a lot of time working with a speech therapist, and now people can understand him well when he speaks.

At first, others, particularly kids, didn’t trust Rustam and teased him. On the playground, they shied away from playing with him. Niki made the decision to open an Instagram account and tell the world about her son at some point. She started sharing amusing incidents from their lives and uploading images. Rustam’s page gained popularity quite rapidly.

As a result of the boy’s story gaining public attention, Niki and her kid began receiving invitations to numerous television programs. Niki tries to explain to her kid that a person’s soul is what matters most and that he should not be ashamed of his appearance. Rustam still has a long road ahead of him, but he will always have the support of his loving family.

Regarding her adored boy, Niki claims, “He is our happiness.”

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