A police officer’s act of kindness during a storm, sharing an umbrella with stray dogs, evokes feelings of warmth and empathy, reminding us of the power of small gestures.

There are so many stray dogs out in the world, fending for themselves without any loving humans to go home to, so it’s always heartwarming to see people go out of their way to show these animals a little kindness. Because stray dogs don’t have any shelter, it’s especially nice to see people protecting them from inclement weather, whether it’s severe heat or cold or just a rainy day.

Recently, one police officer went viral after shielding two stray dogs with his umbrella during a downpour, helping to keep the poor pups dry.

It was raining heavily, and the streets of Kolkata in India were flooded as a result. And the stray dogs in the area have been searching for dry and safe places to stay. So when Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal went out to direct traffic with his umbrella. Two wet stray dogs spotted him standing in the middle of the street and flocked to him. The compassionate cop offered the two dogs shelter under his large umbrella and continued directing traffic.

A passerby snapped a photo of the small act of kindness and shared it on social media, touching people from around the world. And the look on the dogs’ faces says it all. The heartwarming scene has now gone viral. According to Indian Express, a pic was taken by photographer Sayan Chakraborty and shared by the Kolkata Police’s official Fᴀᴄᴇʙᴏᴏᴋ page and has been shared over 10,000 times.
It even inspired some fan art:

Kolkata has been experiencing its highest September rainfall in 14 years, so it’s safe to say these poor dogs had been drenched over the past few weeks and were no doubt grateful for the brief respite, thanks to this kind officer.

According to Indian Express, with an estimated 35 to 40 million stray dogs in India — one of the highest populations in the world — there’s a long way to go to help these animals.

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