A woman lovingly uses a hairdryer to give a Golden Retriever breathtaking curls, enhancing her beauty.


A woman gave her dog epic curls using a Dyson Airwrap, with the Golden Retriever compared to a character in a Disney movie.

The owner, thought to be called Linda Budzyn, regularly shares clips of her father-son pets, Tucker and Todd to TikTok account @tuckerbudzyn.

The father, Tucker, sports an impressive golden mane, and has seen his owner previously braiding his fur into an elaborate style.

But she took things one step further after a fan suggested she use the pricey hair styler on him. Narrating Tucker’s thoughts, she captioned the video: “Who keeps giving Linda ideas?! I juss wanna talks.”

In the video Tucker sits still, like a good boy, as Budzyn uses the appliance to give him on-trend curls.

“Oh no. Don’t you dare Linda,” the text on screen says, as Budzyn first brushes then sections his fur ready for curling.

The end-result is an impressive lion-esque mane, which was a hit with viewers. The clip, shared last month, has been seen more than 67 million times.

Numerous people drew parallels with a particular scene in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, as Smooshysmash wrote: “Reminds me of beasts hair style!”

Mo_mo thought: “Him is a proper gentlemen now.”

Aili joked: “Honestly the best ad I’ve seen for the Airwrap.”

Franciss reckoned: “He’s about to write the declaration of independence.”

“His new name is Maximilian Cornelius the third,” sWhite11993 commented.

Alexia asked: “Why does he look like he just got out from the Bridgerton era?”

BrickedUp3k4k added: “Bro wrote the articles of confederation.”

Others referenced classic film, The Wizard of Oz, as Sandy Lynn commented: “OMG I wonder of the wizard will give him courage.”

Theycallhercook added: “It’s giving me wizard of oz cowardly lion vibes.”

And Nikkibobaggins wrote: “Giving cowardly lion in emerald city and I’m obsessed.”

A video of Linda braiding her dog’s fur, captioned “I look ridiculous,” has amassed 7 million views.

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