Alec Baldwin And His Wife Spark Outrage Over Name Of Their 7th Child

Hilaria Baldwin, wife of actor Alec Baldwin, recently welcomed her seventh child, but the excitement surrounding the new addition is overshadowed by controversy over the baby’s name and Hilaria’s claims of Spanish heritage, which have previously been criticized as misleading.

In 2020, it was revealed that Hilaria, initially thought to be Spanish, is actually from Boston. This revelation sparked skepticism about her authenticity, especially after instances like her claim of forgetting the English word for cucumber during an interview. Adding to the scrutiny, it came to light that she had previously gone by the name Hilary.

Now, with the birth of their seventh child, the Baldwins faced a fresh wave of criticism over the chosen name – ‘Ilaria Catalina Irena.’ The backlash was swift, with individuals on social media expressing their disapproval.

On Twitter, one user called out what they perceived as a “Fake Spanish name from a Boston-born mom,” while another questioned the absence of American names, even for middle names, in the Baldwin children’s monikers. The criticism extended to Hilaria’s persistent efforts to embrace a Spanish identity, with some questioning the couple’s motivations and suggesting they may have let their fame go to their heads.

One commentator even proposed a name change to “hilarious,” emphasizing the perceived irony in Hilaria’s attempts to embody Spanish culture.

In December 2020, Hilaria addressed accusations of feigning her Spanish heritage in an interview with the New York Times. She attributed the cucumber incident to nerves during an early live TV appearance, downplaying it as a simple mistake. Hilaria acknowledged a disappointing error in her management agency’s online bio, which inaccurately stated she was born in Mallorca.

Regarding her name change from Hilary to Hilaria, she clarified that it aligns with what her Spanish family calls her. Despite being born in Boston, she emphasized her clear communication about her background, stating that she was born in Boston, spent time in both Boston and Spain, and her family currently resides in Spain.

This latest controversy reopens the debate about Hilaria Baldwin’s cultural identity and authenticity. The scrutiny surrounding the baby’s name adds a new chapter to the ongoing narrative, with public opinion divided on whether the Baldwins’ choices reflect genuine celebration of their heritage or perceived cultural appropriation. As Hilaria faces renewed public attention, the discussion continues about the intersection of fame, identity, and public perception.

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