Amazing Photos Of Goats Jumping Through The Sunrise In The Desert


A herd of goats has been captured on camera leaping into the desert morning.

Nachum Weiss, 69, a photographer from Tel Aviv, Israel, has captured the adventurous goats leaping from rock to rock as the sun glistens down on them in the Negev desert near Mitzpe Ramon in an outstanding sequence of images.

In one of the most lovely photographs, a pair of goats leans in for a kiss as the sun shines down on them, the two goats look to be in mid-flight, both as a full herd and independently.

“I was ecstatic with these photographs; I don’t think I could pick a favorite,” Nachum stated.

The retiree spends a lot of time outside photographing nature and the environment around him, and he travels to new places all the time to see what he can find.

Nachum explained, “I’m a freelance photographer that takes images all around the world but specializes in nature.”

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