Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom kicked out from Celebrity Big Boss over pro-Palestine stance

Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan at their Dubai home. — Doug Seeberg/File
Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan at their Dubai home. — Doug Seeberg/File

Faryal Makhdoom, social media influencer and wife of Amir Khan said that she was kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother due to her opinions on Palestine, though it was meant to be a high-profile comeback to reality TV.

In March, the Big Brother spin-off will return for its first season in six years. At first, it was believed that Faryal Makhdoom would be one of the people entering the show’s north London compound, according to Daily Mail.

Although it is believed that production company Initial is in charge of all casting choices for the programme, Faryal has accused broadcaster ITV of letting her leave only a few days before the premiere.

The decision was reportedly spurred by the mother-of-two, an American of Pakistani origin who was born in Brooklyn, to publicly support the war-torn Palestinians during the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

Accusing the channel of “violating” her right to free speech, she posted a furious social media response.

“As many of you know, I was offered to do a show for which the producers had offered me a few years ago and I had previously refused. This time they made a very lucrative offer and after a lot of convincing I finally agreed to sign for the show. I also wanted to do this show to make it more inclusive for the Muslim community. But it seems from my social media activity and being pro-Palestine is not appropriate for ITV and its sponsors,” she said.


“Mind you ITV and this particular show has had many controversial people on it before, but for some reason I was singled out,” she added, continuing: “I was told to step down ten days before going in. I have never in my life been treated like this.’

“It’s a violation of free speech. This is why cowards with a huge following (especially Muslims) refuse to speak on this issue because they deprive you of opportunities and so you have no choice but to support them and stand them,” she further added. “Bear in mind I was offered substantial money not to speak on this issue but I rejected it. For me, no amount of money will ever stop me from speaking on the injustice happening in Palestine.”

It was also reported that Faryal was eager for the public to see her following a turbulent year with her boxer husband Amir.

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