‘Baywatch’ star Yasmine Bleeth disappeared completely and looks dramatically different today


The world was at Yasmine Bleeth’s feet in the 1990s, when she was a stunning actress. She was a young, gorgeous, talented actress who made Baywatch’s Caroline Holden into one of the biggest TV stars ever.

However, I doubt that many people are aware of Yasmine now that she made a name for herself on Baywatch. Numerous factors contribute to this, some of which are tragic and heartbreaking to learn.

Yasmine Bleeth, a former Baywatch bombshell, has had a very eventful life, which began in New York City, where she was born in 1968.

Yasmine’s first acting role came when she was just 10 months old. It was clear which career she would choose after she appeared in a 1969 Johnson and Johnson commercial for their No More Tears baby shampoo.

Arlo Guthrie and Alice Brock were frequent companions of her father Philip, a successful businessman. Old photographs clearly show that Yasmine inherited her good looks from her Pied-Noir mother Carina, who was from Algeria.

Yasmine was found by renowned fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo thanks to her model mother. While working with Carina, Scavullo—who discovered Brooke Shields when she was just seven months old—found Yasmine Bleeth.

Yasmine’s first encounter with the fashion photographer was when she was six years old. The fashion photographer rented mobile homes from Carina’s company for his photo shoots.

The renowned photographer selected Yasmine and her mother to be included in his photobook “Scavullo Women.”.

Yasmine stated to Hartford Courant in 2004 that he believed her to be among the most beautiful women in the world.

Yasmine started acting at a young age and was accustomed to being in the spotlight, but that didn’t mean that the boys her age liked her. She had no choice but to act independently.

“I used to have to coerce boys into kissing me when I was a young girl. She told Total Film magazine in 1998, “My toughest friend had to hold them down.

On Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Yasmine was raised. Her mother raised her primarily as a young child because her parents divorced when she was very young. A lifelong New Yorker who was 22 when he became a father, Yasmine’s father was also very close to Yasmine.

“I was fortunate because, despite the fact that my parents divorced when I was young, they later rekindled their friendship, which made things simpler for me. After the divorce, he (her dad) only relocated three blocks away, Yasmine told Daily News.

The young actress, who made her film debut at age 12, went on to make appearances in the daytime soap opera Ryan’s Hope from 1985 to 1989.

When Yasmine was 17, her mother was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, which came as a terrible shock to her. Yasmine then moved out.

Yasmine was devastated when her mother Carina tragically died at the age of 47. She declined every job offer for almost a year as she tried to deal with her grief.

I stayed in, watched cooking shows, and went for walks, she claimed.

Baywatch’s Yasmine Bleeds.

Yasmine Bleeth continues to be best known for her portrayal of Caroline Holden in Baywatch even today. She had an enormous breakthrough as soon as she was recognized as one of the famous bikini-clad women running along Santa Monica beach in California.

Yasmine made her debut in season four of the enduring series, which enjoyed enormous popularity in the 1990s. The sexy brunette made her first appearance as a guest, but for the next three seasons, she was given a regular role.

Contrary to popular belief, Yasmine did not appear in a large number of auditions for the part. Instead, the show’s creators gave her a call and invited her to participate.

However, it was not clear whether Yasmine would accept. Her acting and modeling careers had just begun. Yasmine was concerned about how a possible role in Baywatch would impact her reputation and future.

She asked her father for advice once more.

They called me; he accompanied me throughout the entire process and offered me lots of advice. Models who wore less than I do on the show were all around him when he was growing up, she claimed.

Yasmine made an appearance in 72 episodes of Baywatch and quickly rose to the status of series regular and fan favorite. Her meteoric rise to fame and widespread acclaim were both sparked by the show. Baywatch held the title of most-watched television program on the planet for a while, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

As one of the “50 Most Beautiful People in 1995” according to People Magazine, Yasmine was given numerous modeling opportunities, including her own swimwear line.

Numerous directors and producers got in touch with Yasmine after she left the show. On the CBS television program Nash Bridges, which ran from 1998 to 2000, Yasmine played the attractive inspector Caitlin Cross.

It was evident that Yasmine Bleeth was having personal difficulties by the time she was given a starring role in the television series Titans in 2000.

Yasmine appeared to be in good health and enjoying a fulfilling career as an actress from the outside, but in reality, she was battling an addiction that kept her confined to her own body.

Her professional failure and addiction went hand in hand. Many of her industry peers put her on their blacklists as a result of her behavior.

Yasmine’s final on-screen appearance was in the 2003 television film Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, which she appeared in for a brief time. She hasn’t appeared in a single movie or television show since then. Around Yasmine Bleeth, everything went very quiet.

What actually happened to her, then?

Relationships and dating.

She claimed that when she first met Richard Grieco, everything began.

In 1996, Yasmine Bleeth and actor Richard Grieco began dating. The couple appeared in the 1999 movie Ultimate Deception together while they were engaged for two years.

In the 1990s, Yasmine allegedly spent a brief period of time dating Matthew Perry, who played the actor on the Friends television series. According to a 1996 article in the Philadelphia Daily News, Grieco sent Yasmine 100 red roses and a diamond ring to express his love for her after learning about the relationship.

In 2000, the relationship with Grieco ended, and Yasmine claims that she was in a very bad emotional and mental state at the time. She did so in an effort to “feel good again,” which is why she turned to drugs. “.

The thought of returning home and doing lines eventually consumed all of her thoughts. She experienced a new desire while playing Nash Bridges.

“I would spend hours waxing my eyebrows, applying suntan lotion, and getting a facial. I did most of my shopping online though. I would place an order through Bluefly, Neiman Marcus, or Saks Fifth Avenue. The biggest joke was that despite buying all these lovely things, I never left the house. I was obsessed, and I would literally spend $5,000 to $10,000 in one night shopping on the internet, forget the money I was spending on drugs. She stated to Glamour magazine in 2003 that shopping provided instant gratification.

Decline and failure.

Yasmine stopped seeing her friends during this time, and she also stopped returning phone calls. She was sober the entire time she was on set. However, her coworkers couldn’t help but notice that something was off.

“I had a couple of bloody noses on the set, but each time the makeup artist simply handed me a tissue and I cleaned it up. I would give myself a facial or visit the steam room to detoxify my body in the morning if I sounded stuffy. And my publicist would tell people I had sinus problems, which I do, if I was sniffling, she added.

The actress’ body experienced severe side effects from the drugs. and Yasmine “looked like an alien.”. “.

When she was in her prime, the formerly curvy model wore a size 6, but she was now a size 0. She had a large, swollen nose that stretched across the width of her face. She was hardly recognisable to anyone, and her father repeatedly tried to step in.

Disaster was about to strike at the end of 1999. Her body was about to burst, the doctors told her. She could have died from a nose infection.

She recalled that after prescribing antibiotics, the doctor warned that if the infection hadn’t been treated, it might have spread to her brain and killed her.

The former Baywatch actress realized she needed assistance when she passed out during a photo shoot in 2000. When she entered the program, she relapsed. Years would pass before she was able to conquer her demons

Yasmine understood she had to make a drastic change and alter her lifestyle following a car accident and run-in with the police.

She had to work hard to change her ways and live a clean life, but she succeeded. Even while she was getting clean, the Baywatch star met the love of her life. Yasmine met her future husband Paul Cerrito when she checked into the Promises Rehabilitation Clinic in Malibu.

On August 25, 2002, the pair exchanged vows in Santa Barbara, California.

Yasmine stated to Glamour Magazine, “They say you shouldn’t get into any relationship in the first year of sobriety — especially with someone in the program, but Paul and I fell in love immediately.

Yasmine Bleeth now divides her time between her homes in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Southern California, leading a quiet life with her husband.

The 53-year-old former glamour model and actress still avoids the spotlight, but in 2020 she was spotted taking her dogs for a walk in California. The former actress, who had made it a priority to maintain sobriety, appeared very different. Nobody would probably have guessed that “Caroline Holden” from Baywatch was out and about with her dog.

However, Yasmine appeared content and at ease, which is obviously what matters. The Mirror claims that she grinned at the cameras while donning “a pair of strappy Birkenstock sandals and flashing a coat of red nail polish on her toes.”.

Acting has always been Yasmine’s main source of income. She hasn’t had a job since 2003, but back when she was a star in the 1990s, she made her fair share of money. Yasmine Bleeth has a $2 million net worth, claims Celebrity Net Worth.

Yasmine Bleeth is undoubtedly one of those actors who will always be associated with a specific role.

Yasmine Bleeth reportedly stopped acting altogether in 2003, which I had no idea about. It feels good that she has survived the most trying time in her life and has come out on the other side. She is not the first actress to have paid a high price for being a celebrity.

Hopefully she’s doing well today and can concentrate on what matters most: her family, her dog, and herself!

Yasmine Bleeth is unquestionably one of those actors who will always be linked to a particular role. Her portrayal of Caroline Holden in one of the most well-known television shows ever produced will always be in my memory.

I’m grateful to Yasmine for all the memories.

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