Because Sylvester Stallone desired another dog, his wife filed for divorce.


Think twice before defying your partner’s desires and adding a new pet to the family. Model Jennifer Flavin, Sylvester Stallone’s wife, reportedly filed for divorce over a disagreement over whether or not to purchase a new puppy.

Stallone reportedly wanted to adopt a Rottweiler to defend his family, but Flavin was against the idea, according to TMZ. This sparked a contentious dispute early this summer that reportedly raised a number of other concerns between the pair.
Despite our suspicions that the timing is a little too fortunate, sources informed TMZ that “none of those issues appeared to be marriage-enders.” Stallone persisted though, and eventually got a Rottweiler.

The dog’s name, Dwight, is a first name shared by Stallone’s character in the upcoming crime thriller series Tulsa King on Paramount+. According to sources, the actor believed he and Flavin could have reconciled their differences; however, now that the divorce is final, he appears to be fully embracing the new dog dad lifestyle. He posted a picture of Dwight on Instagram on August 5 with the caption: “So extremely thrilled with my newly found four-legged companion ‘DWIGHT’ my characters name from the Series, keep punching and keep barking!!! Dave Smith, a trainer and breeder, and his loving wife are greatly appreciated. Three days later, another Instagram image with the caption “‘DWIGHT’ Definitely a real friend! Keep punching and barking, please!

All of that seemed to be innocent, but it raised suspicions after Flavin uploaded a picture of herself with the couple’s three girls on August 10. She wrote, “These girls are my top focus.” “Nothing else is important. The four of us always. That number seems to be extremely precise!

As the icing on the cake: This week, the Daily Mail published a picture that appeared to show that Sylvester Stallone had had the bullmastiff named Butkus, who starred with Stallone in the first two Rocky movies, tattooed over the image of Flavin on his bicep. The lesson we’ve learned today is that having a good tattoo artist is more important than how hard you hit. Check out the posts below.

Not just this shady rumor has been floating about Stallone’s name lately. Back in December, a quizzical selfie led admirers to speculate that he might be a supporter of the alt-right conspiracy group QAnon. He was among a group of famous people charged with serious water restriction violations this summer in Southern California, which meant he had exceeded his monthly water budget by at least 150% at least four times since the end of the previous year. On November 13th on Paramount+, you can watch him in Tulsa King, his first-ever recurring TV role.

He is too devoted to his dog.

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