Beloved TV judge reveals he’s been diagnosed with ca.ncer and asks for prayers

Beloved TV judge reveals he’s been diagnosed with ca ncer and asks for prayersCaught in Providence fans are flooding to social media in support of Judge Frank Caprio after he reveals ca ncer diagnosis.Former chief judge of the municipal court of Providence, Rhode Island, Frank Caprio is known and loved for his role as ‘the nicest judge in the world’ on reality TV show Caught in Providence, which first aired in 2018.(6 December), the 87-year-old took to his social media platforms to share an update on the current state of his health.

The beloved TV judge reflects on his birthday as being ‘one of the happiest days of the year’ for him.

He says: “And recently I celebrated my 87th birthday and I received so many wonderful messages from people all over the world. This birthday is a little different than any other I have ever had.

“Quite recently I was not feeling well and I received a medical examination and the report was not a good one.”

Judge Caprio reveals he’s been diagnosed with pancreatic ca ncer – ‘an insidious form of ca ncer’ he notes.

He explains he’s being treated by two different teams of doctors, one in Rhode Island, and the other in Boston, Massachusetts.

He continues: “I pray that God guides their thoughts and their hands and their treatment of me. I know this is a long road and I’m fully prepared to fight as hard as I can.

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