Brown Bear Decides To Do Grocery Shopping In California! Here Is How Customers React

When the customer noticed the brown bear grabbing goods next him at the grocery store, he was taken aback.

Brown bears have just discovered a favorite hangout in one of California’s grocery shops. Two interesting videos of a happy bear grabbing food from a supermarket went viral, and it was clear that the creature in both videos was the same bear.

A client was astonished to come face to face with the huge beast that had grabbed up some chips on an ordinary day. And this time, the bear had a strong desire for yogurt and saw no obstacles in his way. The huge beast, thank God, did not damage  anyone.

According to studies, similar circumstances and incidents are extremely common near Lake Tahoe, which has a population of about 30 thousand people. Officials and police personnel often warn individuals not to worry and to avoid getting into touch with those curious creatures for this reason.

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