Cat Visits The Beach For The First Time And Has Very Strong Opinions About It


By. Supuni

We all simply adore going to the beach and enjoying the sun, sand, and sea. But not everyone feels the same way, especially the cat in our story. Pumpkin is a gorgeous ginger cat that was rescued as a newborn. With time he grew up and soon his family discovered that he was suffering from a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia.

Even though it affects his depth perception and coordination, it doesn’t stop him from undertaking various adventures with his human owners. Pumpkin’s owners think of him as a cat who is as clumsy as a puppy. He appears to be trotting whenever he runs because his front paws come up one at a time.

This adventurous spirit has loved spending time outdoors and goes on hikes and kayaking with his human family. So the owners decided to take Pumpkin to the beach in order to introduce him to it. At first, the cat appeared to be interested in the beach and surroundings. He ran around inspecting stuff and having fun. The fun lasted for a while until the wind interrupted him and happy Pumpkin quickly transformed into a grumpy Pumpkin.

The human owners soon discovered that even though Pumpkin actually loved the beach, he was not a fan of the strong wind. His reaction to the wind is absolutely hilarious and his family couldn’t help taking pictures and videos of him. His owners had never seen anything of this sort before. Pumpkin displayed his dislike towards the wind with unimpressed and sassy faces.

He really hated it and his owners had a nice time laughing at the faces he was making. This cat was definitely not afraid of letting his human family know how he was really feeling. Although Pumpkin still visits the beach, it has not altered his hatred towards the wind. However, he has had some occasional visits to the beach after this incident and still manages to enjoy himself. Don’t forget to have a look at Pumpkin’s hilarious photographs for we are sure that they will make you laugh your head off.

Image Credit & More Info; facebook | iispumpkincat/instagram

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