Concerns for Michael Douglas

When new photos of Michael Douglas appeared online, everyone was shocked to see the actor dressed substantially differently than he had on previous public appearances. It’s obvious that the 78-year-old actor’s life has evolved over time.

While not filming, Michael Douglas has been in Paris on business, walking about the cobblestone streets and soaking up the culture. But his most recent images show a substantial loss of weight coupled with a marked aging and degeneration of his face over time.

Douglas has reported experiencing difficulties with short-term memory, which he initially noticed a year ago, in addition to these physical changes. It’s astounding how much energy I’ve lost during the pandemic, he admits. Even though I have excellent memories of the past, I’m shocked by how much time I spend doing nothing except sitting on the couch. My memory for recent events is not as reliable.

Michael Douglas is still involved in the community and stays active despite these obstacles. He was recently seen at a French basketball match between the Metropolitans 92 and CSP Limoges. Seeing him appreciate the things he likes while out and about is heartwarming.

Basketball Game

As Michael Douglas adjusts to these changes, let’s remember him in our prayers and thoughts.

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