Couple Adopts Senior Cat Ella, Find Out She is Obsessed with Movies

When Emily and her husband decided to adopt a shelter cat, Ella, a senior kitty, seems to have chosen them instead. As they walked by, the 10-year-old cat had an immediate reaction.

“When I first saw her, she came up to me and immediately began to lick me,” remembered Emily. “I feel like I love this cat already.”

Emily and Ella

Emily and Ella, Image screenshots via TikTok/ellawatchestv_ and Instagram

Before this visit, the couple visited the shelter to consider adopting a cat. However, Emily didn’t feel that special connection until she met Ella. Little did she know, at the time, but she was bringing home a very chatty feline movie aficionado and couch potato. Today, watching movies with Ella is one of Emily’s favorite pastimes.

cat in her movie chair

In her movie chair

When it comes to Cat TV, it’s usually something like a fish tank or a windowsill. Not so for Ella, although she does have a window perch. No, this cat stares transfixed when certain movies come on and walks her humans to the couch when she’s ready for movie night. Late at night, she’s even been known to wake up her pawrents, wanting to watch in the wee hours. Also, she loves enjoying treats during the movie just like a little human.

Cat watching TV

Ella the Feline Movie Aficionado

If you think this cat has only a passing interest in movies, as with most pets, this one is quite different. She really truly loves watching TV. Sometimes, she waits right beside the TV until her pawrents turn it on for her. Some have commented that she seems like she was reincarnated, a movie lover who came back as a cat. “It could be true,” Emily posted.

Ella watches TV, Aristocats

Ella watches Aristocats

From the opening credits, this cat is mesmerized by the silver screen. Then, she often comments in meows, a kitty movie critic it seems. Other times, a knowing glance or meow instructs her pawrents to press play.

Ella watches TV

Sometimes, this talkative cat actually joins in the action of the movie. For example, Ella walked along with Bagheera, the black panther and “man-cub” Mowgli from The Jungle Book. 

Cat watching The Jungle Book

Aside from cartoons, she is instantly invested whenever she sees singer Harry Styles appear. 

Cat loves Harry Styles

Ella loves Harry Styles

Another time, she seems to have greatly enjoyed watching herself on a cell phone.

On TikTok, Ella, Emily, and Jovie, the affectionate calico cat, have grown a staggering following of almost 530K followers. It all started when chatty Emily started sharing Ella’s love for movie-watching in May 2020. In a few months, she had over 135K fans. When Emily asks the cat questions, she generally replies with animated and complex vocalizations. 

cat watches Finding Nemo

Watching Finding Nemo

So, is too much TV a bad thing when it comes to cats? Well, Emily once showed the cat a movie about watching too much TV. As usual, she couldn’t get enough of it. So, it seems this cat will never stop, and she also has her favorite characters.

Below, you can see a compilation of Ella and her daily movie-watching.

In particular, Ella loves watching The Grinch with Benedict Cumberbatch, staring obsessively when her mom plays the movie.

“It’s only ‘The Grinch’ with Benedict Cumberbatch. We’ve tried the Jim Carrey version and we’ve tried the original cartoon, and she will not watch it,” she told The Dodo.

The Grinch, cat watches TV

After that, The Grinch is “the one thing” that makes Ella calm down when she gets into a sassy mood. (which seems to be often!)

Video by The Dodo:

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