“Decided to Go Back to Being a Man”: How Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst Looks Today. She’s unpredictable! Just look what she has become in comments down bellow

Just to refresh your memory, in 2014, the globe was taken aback when an incredibly flamboyant participant – K. Wurst – won the Eurovision Song Contest. She performed on stage in a snug dress, with a beard and vibrant makeup.

However, as it appears, long hair and makeup were left behind in 2014. Today, Conchita presents a completely different image. From recent photographs, it’s clear that she’s undergone a striking transformation.

Thus, new pictures of Wurst have surfaced on the Internet, wherein she’s portrayed in a more masculine guise. Although, looking at the star’s attire, it’s clear that some old habits remain.

Internet users reacted with considerable surprise to these images. In their opinion, Conchita’s natural look suits her much better. Some females noted that it might actually be better for her to revert to a male persona.

We’re intrigued, however, what are your thoughts on such transformations? Please share your opinions in the comments!

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