Ellen DeGeneres PANICS Over Rumors She Attended Diddy’s FREAK 0FFs (video)..

Sean 'Love' Combs Makes a Fashionably Late Entrance

The dialogue captures a conversation between Ellen DeGeneres and a pal speaking about numerous topics, such as shock at allegations towards P Diddy, invitations to get-togethers, Ellen’s birthday get together, and rumors about Ellen attending Diddy’s get-togethers.

Sean 'Diddy' Combs Talks His Butt, and Feeling Happy

The dialogue delves into personal anecdotes, this sort of as Ellen remaining invited to Diddy’s events and her good friend teasing her about not demonstrating up. Also, there is mention of Diddy’s lawful difficulties and allegations of mistreatment towards his romantic companions. Throughout the conversation, there is a combine of humor, gossip, and reflection on community personas.

She is as well a lot scared of diddy now. Simply because diddy have finished alot of terrible-items with quite a few American celebrities and she is 1 of them.

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