Exclusive Premiere: Drew Baldridge Takes Fans On The Perfect Tropical Getaway In ‘Beach Ain’t One’ Music Video


Drew Baldridge; Photo Courtesy Of Patoka Sounds Records

Drew Baldridge dropped his brand new upbeat single “Beach Ain’t One” to all streaming platforms on Wednesday, April 7. And, with that, the country singer is sharing the music video to accompany the breezy, summertime track. Baldridge is giving Country Now readers an exclusive first-watch of the video, one day ahead of its official release.

Shot in Cancun, Mexico, and co-directed by Baldridge with owner and founder of Whale Tale Media, Wales Toney, this clip follows the story of a man who quits his stressful day job to venture off on a tropical getaway. Baldridge, dressed in a Hawaiian-styled shirt and camouflage ball cap, can, meanwhile, be seen relaxing beachside with an acoustic guitar in hand.

The Patoka, Illinois native sings all about tossing his problems out the window in exchange for some much-needed vacation time, as the main character, played by his good-buddy Kyle Holmes, soaks up the sun, applies sunscreen to his chest, and raises his margarita glass up in the air.

“Bought some Wal-Mart shades and a one-way ticket / South of the USA, girl I bet you’re wishin’ / You had this palm tree view / No shirt, no shoes / But I gotta hot date with the sand and the sun / I got 99 problems, but a beach ain’t one,” Baldridge sings throughout the clip, showcasing his smooth vocals on the feel-good song, which features a hand-clap rhythm and twangy guitar riffs.

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Baldridge co-wrote “Beach Ain’t One” four years ago alongside Ryan Peterson and Ryan Plappert, and opened up about the story behind the song with Country Now, saying, “The idea for the song I believe came from riding in the van with my band guys. I think we were all talking one night laughing, and somehow someone said the title 99 problems, but a beach ain’t one. I wrote it down on my phone. I honestly never thought I’d find anyone to write it with me, and luckily I found the two perfect guys!”

As for the video, Baldridge said, “Filming in Mexico was great. We really didn’t even plan on doing this music video this soon until I saw that the song blew up on TikTok, so I literally booked the flights on a Thursday for everyone and we left for Cancun on Monday…. We kinda flew down there with no plan because we didn’t know what the layout of the hotel looked like. We were just gonna try to ‘wing it.’”

“Beach Ain’t One” follows Baldridge’s previous singles, “That’s You,” which was inspired by his fiancée, Katie, and “Senior Year,” which became an anthem for graduating seniors of the class of 2020.

Be sure to click on the clip above to watch Baldridge’s “Beach Ain’t One” music video.

Drew Baldridge; Photo Courtesy Of Patoka Sounds Records

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