Graduation: A Celebration for All


Picture the enjoyment of graduating school and possessing Jerry Seinfeld as your graduation speaker. For most Duke graduates, it was an amazing minute. However, some chose to stroll out all through his address basically for the reason that he is a Jewish comic. This protest was ironic, as they skipped a special option to listen to from a well-known actor important of still left-wing, politically accurate nonsense.

The vast majority of learners cheered for Seinfeld. Going for walks out on these types of an celebration was observed by several as foolish and disrespectful. Even if you never find him humorous, it’s crucial to respect your college or university and fellow graduates. Graduation is a celebration for everybody, not just a compact group of protesters.

By walking out, the protesters not only ruined their personal practical experience but also disrupted the ceremony for other individuals. All due to the fact they didn’t like the speaker? Right after years of tricky perform, the least they could do is remain for an hour and lead to building the ceremony specific for everyone.

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