He is 83, but she is only 22: a millionaire is going to marry his young girlfriend


James Goldstein, an affluent American, likes to live life to the utmost. This relates specifically to women. He favors the most gorgeous and attractive women. They are normally suited for James as granddaughters because he is already 83 years old. Naturally, the affluent man receives criticism from the public and is accused of immorality.

He still enjoys the company of young, attractive women. The millionaire appeared to have chosen wisely as well. James showed a photo of his choice. Goldstein is completely devoted to the tall, blonde beauty. She and him don’t seem embarrassed by her advanced age.

Meanwhile, Goldstein’s young girlfriend is only 22 years old. Russian-born and -bred Liza Adamenko, also known as Liza, was raised there. She currently resides in America and works as a model.

Many people find it difficult to understand why a young woman would want a relationship with an 83-year-old man. Is the girl morally lacking in any way? Nobody disputes the icy logic that underlies this alliance, after all.

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