Heartbroken Dog Waited For two Years In Front Of The House For His Owner To Return


When it comes to loyalty, dogs are the perfect example; their devotion knows no bounds. This story is a powerful example of this.

A kind neighbor informed Animal – Safe Shelter about a dying senior dog in that abandoned house.

“A sight that dried my tears.” In the yard of the abandoned house, an aged dog was dozing.”

He had a previous owner, but he died of cancer two years ago. Snow has since become a homeless street dog.

He departed in the morning to look for food, and in the evening he returned to the front door to wait for the owner to return, but the owner never returned. His gloomy eyes betrayed his feelings.

Snow was his nickname. Snow was examined by the veterinarian. He was really dehydrated. The body was thin, with only the ribs visible. The ultrasound revealed a problem with the liver and kidneys.

He was immediately given fluids to help him recover.

“Day 2, he was really feeble. That was why I was constantly at his side every second.”

“I was terrified if he exhibited indications of abnormalities, what would happen when I was not there?”


He was hungry and ate a bit. Nutritious meal was necessary for Snow at those moment, enabling him recuperate as rapidly as possible.

After two weeks Snow was recuperating quite well and he began eating more and more.

“Snow stepped into the automobile by himself. He felt that he was being assisted. That day he ate, but little, he enjoyed life and said little.”

“Snow was a slightly sensitive and emotional youngster. Whenever he saw me leaving him, he barked loudly. Maybe he was worried that I would abandon him like the late owner.”

Snow’s health numbers were steady. From now on he no longer had to worry about anything. A joyful life, sheltered and cared for was worthy of him.

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