Illustrator Captures Noggin the Kitten’s Purrsonality As Veterinarian Shares Story


Illustrator Isa from Pet Disneyfication shared a new illustration of Noggin, a loveable kitten who has had a very difficult start in life. 

“Noggin has stolen my heart, and it is a crime not to share his adorableness!!⁣,” posted Pet Disneyfication on Instagram.

Disneyfication illustration

As you can see, Isa captured Noggin’s likeness purrfectly from this photo below:

“I said it was bedtime. He said no.”

Kitten with head bandages

Images via Instagram/thecatlvt

Licensed Veterinary Technician Saves Noggin

On February 20, 2022, Noggin was born into the world the size of a small hamster. Although many kittens are born into a dangerous world without their mother’s protection, Noggin’s story is quite different. In this case, his momma was stressed and nearly eliminated him, licking his head until it left his brain exposed. As a result, he would need to wear bandages and a “tape cap” until he healed.

Note: The images of poor Noggin’s head are disturbing, so we will show only the bandaged image below.

Thanks to Arlington, VA Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT), Ellen Carozza, Noggin receives expert critical care. Carozza is a co-founder of the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation, a nonprofit caring for critical feline neonate and pediatric cases. She also resides at the NOVA Cat Clinic in Arlington, specializing exclusively in feline patients since 2002. 

“This sweet boy had an overzealous mom who licked the top of his head away. It is quite common in stressed queens to harm their babies, especially if an underlying problem is present. We will be taking care of this guy, and hopefully, we can help close the top of his head. One of my concerns is keeping his brain safe since these babies still have a fontanelle, and he doesn’t have much covering that. 😬 Thank you all for the support you show these babies,” posted Carozza.

Noggin's noggin

With round-the-clock care, Noggin had a chance to recover, but he suffered from an infection and might have lost his left ear. As a related injury, his left eye was affected.

“Head full of good thoughts, belly full of grub

Money in your pocket when there ain’t no hole in the washtub…”

Kitten and dropper

Noggin Begins to Open His Eyes

A few days later, “the eyeball fairy” was about to arrive, as Noggin was recovering and opening his eyes.

kitten opening eyes

The next day, Carozza shared a touching update, but it was extremely delicate; a wrap secured his ear, and his head was bandaged and medicated to enhance natural healing. Fortunately, he continued to progress, purring and cooing and wanting attention. As he healed, he had soft blankets around him at all times.

“Brother Noggin is doing well all things considered.”

Ellen Carozza kisses Noggin

Ellen Carozza kisses tiny Noggin on the noggin

Soon, Noggin began to gain weight, going from a small-size hamster to 180 grams (0.3 pounds). In a few days, he had a big fuzzy belly and then started to resemble a plump sweet potato, and a feisty one! 

kitten with bandaged head
plump belly Noggin

🌷Noggin’s Cute Purrsonality Emerges 🌷

By mid-March, Noggin’s personality was beginning to bloom like a spring flower, becoming an “incredibly sweet baby.” His head was healing, and dead tissue was sloughed away. Although the kitten’s injury is disturbing to see, Corozza was seeing much-needed progress with his noggin.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Noggin posed as “the cutest shamrock ever!”

shamrock kitten, Noggin

Today, Noggin continues to grow stronger, receiving his first vaccinations and playing with pretty Ambrose, the older white kitty. As you can see, his ears and now “like satellite dishes,” as one person commented.

Noggin and Ambrose

A Belly Like a Toasted Marshmallow

Thanks to the expert care provided, Noggin will have a chance for a happy life, one where he’ll have all the love and attention he needs to thrive.

“Look at that belly. How are you allowed to be such a toasted marshmallow?”

kitten in soft blanket

You can follow Noggin’s progress on Instagram and learn more about the Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation here.

After Cole crossed the rainbow bridge, Pet Disneyfication created artwork featuring Cole & Marmalade. Proceeds from the sales of prints helped a local charity, The Children’s Dream Fund. 

Cole and Marmalade, Disneyfication

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