‘I’m Leaving Y’all’: Whoopi Goldberg Walks Off ‘The View’ Amid Miranda Lambert Controversy

This week’s live “The View” audience was taken aback when co-host Whoopi Goldberg abruptly left the stage due to a dispute surrounding singer Miranda Lambert, who had interrupted one of her recent concerts to chastise fans for taking pictures during the performance. As many critics wished, Whoopi Goldberg was leaving the stage, but of course, she was just walking off as a joke. As the co-hosts discussed Miranda Lambert’s issue, videos of Whoopi Goldberg leaving “The View” went viral. This gave many critics hope for a nuanced moment or three.

Background: Miranda Lambert was the subject of a heated dispute after she abruptly ended her performance to scold several fans who had taken selfies during the performance. Miranda Lambert’s tickets were undoubtedly more expensive than a few dollars, and concertgoers frequently take pictures with their phones to post on social media or save as mementos. The co-hosts of “The View” were arguing about Miranda Lambert’s predicament, including whether or not she ought to have interrupted the broadcast to scold the audience and whether or not selfies at concerts are appropriate. Whoopi said, “I’m leaving y’all,” as she got up and walked towards the audience due to a jumbled tangle of thoughts.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, the co-host, attempted to address both sides of the controversy surrounding Miranda Lambert’s predicament. Griffin argued that Lambert shouldn’t be making fun of people who spend a lot of money to see her perform live since it would be embarrassing for the fans, particularly if the people are only snapping photos and not upsetting other attendees. Whoopi Goldberg then joins in, saying that the fans are being impolite by taking photos. Whoopi stated: “She’s singing because they came to see her and paid for tickets. [Exhibit] a minimal level of deference… Recognize that both she and you are able to see her.

The fans who were reprimanded by Miranda Lambert were seated somewhat close to the stage during the selfie incident, as another host, Sara Haines, pointed out, but does it imply the well-known singer should be yelling at them, halting the event, and making a scene? The Whoopi Goldberg walk-off was covered by Page Six, and according to a piece there, Sunny Hostin hinted that Miranda Lambert is in the wrong.
Sunny Hostin, who was mentioned by Page Six, brought attention to the cost of the VIP tickets at the location of Miranda Lambert’s reprimand for her selfie. “The pricey tickets for the VIP area they were in cost $757. If I were to pay $757, I would take as many selfies as I pleased. Sorry, just me. That seems a little excessive, and to defend those who take selfies, you can bet your bottom dollar that I would have taken a few pictures of the event if I had paid that much for any concert. I would definitely take as many pictures as I wanted for that fee without worrying about Miranda Lambert berating me. I’m on the “I paid for this and I want a picture or two of it” train of thought, but I wouldn’t stand about taking endless selfies. Enjoy the show, snap pictures when it’s appropriate, and be present in the moment. Fans may strike a balance to have the greatest experience without having a stiff singer publicly embarrass them.

This is the exciting part. Whoopi Goldberg is triggered by Sunny Hostin and advises people to “stay home” if they can’t stop taking pictures of themselves. Whoopi Goldberg ultimately got up, walked over to the live audience, and snapped a photo with a member of the audience in an attempt to establish her point. Goldberg had said that fans should concentrate on the singer, and Sunny Hostin had begun to argue her side of the Miranda Lambert controversy. But did it succeed? You get to make that decision. VIEW THE VIDEO UNDERNEATH:

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