Is This Maine License Plate Unintentionally Naughty?


If you’ve lived in Maine for a while, you probable realized that there weren’t a complete ton of limits on what you could have on your license plate. A ton of Mainers had been getting fun using different combinations applying each letters and quantities to spell out some thing truly humorous and intelligent, but it commenced to be a challenge when some came to be considered offensive.

Did these motorists spoil the fun for the relaxation of Maine? That would depend on who you ask, but in the drop of 2022, the condition specially picked out 274 self-importance plates registered to Maine motorists. I’m not guaranteed of the exact suggestions that they applied in selecting these specific vanity plates, but they ended up all recalled.

According to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles web site of, the principles and rules are that any combination of letters and quantities that endorse violence are prohibited. It also states to “keep in mind” when submitting a combination of figures and letters that citizens may not recognize and/or might be offended by. This looks really obscure to me, and may possibly just be a way of declaring that these vainness plates are reviewed on a scenario by circumstance situation.

That reported, this license plate, clearly not a vanity (at the very least I don’t consider it is), caught my interest. If you push all around a truthful total, you will likely recognize that there are a whole lot of automobiles with 4 numbers adopted by two letters. A large amount of moments, people two letters are the same on several cars and trucks.

I observed a ton of license plates ending in “YS”. Then, to see this one particular certainly obtained the teenager in me to allow out a strong chuckle.

Rob Riccitelli
Rob Riccitelli

If you are not finding up on the humor, inquire anyone close to you and I’m self-assured that concerning the two of you, you will see the moderate-at-best humor that I liked most likely extra than I should really have.

I would picture that the owner of the auto has picked up on the accidental pun and has possibly reluctantly, or with open arms, approved it. Is this thought of “naughty”? I do not think so, but even if the state of Maine does, I question that they will even see, except if they take place to read this report, of program.

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