Joan Collins: A Timeless Beauty at 90

Joan Collins, a living legend, continues to captivate us all with her timeless beauty and undeniable charm. At 90 years old, she proves that age is just a number and that confidence knows no bounds.

We can all learn a thing or two from Joan. Her grace, composure, and self-discipline are a shining example for both new and seasoned stars alike. With a life filled with incredible experiences and accomplishments, she remains an inspiration to us all.

Born in Paddington, London, Joan Collins is best known for her iconic role as Alexis Carrington Colby in the popular soap opera Dynasty. The show skyrocketed her to global fame, captivating millions of viewers every week. It’s hard to forget her self-centered and crafty persona, which kept us glued to our screens.

Despite the flak she received for her powerful portrayal, Joan defended herself as a strong, independent woman. In an interview with CBS in 2019, she said, “I was just trying to defend myself as a strong, independent woman.”

Even after almost 70 years in the entertainment industry, Joan Collins remains active and passionate about her craft. In 2022, she appeared in the films “Tomorrow Morning” and “The Gentle Sex,” with another project, “In Bed with the Duchess,” currently in production.

Not only does Joan excel in her professional life, but she also knows how to navigate the world of social media. With her vibrant presence online, she shares her life and experiences with her fans, keeping us all entertained and inspired.

While the United States faced unusually cold weather last month, Joan Collins brought the heat. She shared a photo of herself, radiant and confident, next to her 57-year-old husband, Percy Gibson. Wearing a stylish leopard print swimsuit, she turned heads and proved that age is just a number when it comes to looking fabulous.

Joan Collins has had her fair share of marriages throughout her life. While she admits to some regrets, she cherishes the beautiful children that came from her unions. Reflecting on her past, she said, “I don’t regret any of my choices since I have two wonderful children from my marriage to Tony [Newley] and one beautiful daughter from my marriage to Ron [Kass].”

Of all her marriages, it is her bond with Percy that stands the test of time. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown highlighted just how strong their connection is. Joan revealed, “Being in lockdown has made me realize how strong our tie is. It’s incredible that we’re criminal accomplices.”

Joan Collins is a true legend and icon who continues to inspire generations. Her age-defying beauty and enduring talent are a testament to her incredible spirit. So, if you’re a fan of Joan Collins or any of her incredible works, join us in spreading the word about this extraordinary woman.

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