Johnny Depp’s recent appearance caused a lot of discussion among people. Check out what he looks like today…

Beauty, undoubtedly, is a matter of personal perspective, but a substantial number of individuals would concur that Johnny Depp is among the most attractive actors in the history of cinema.

However, is this still the case? It appeared that Depp had completely rebounded following a lengthy and controversial legal battle against Amber Heard, which culminated in his victory.

Yet, based on the most recent images circulating on the internet, this may not be entirely accurate.

Paparazzi recently captured the actor in New York as he was leaving the Capitol Theatre. Presently, Johnny is on tour with British guitarist Jeff Beck, and they have a forthcoming concert.

As he exited the venue, Depp was immediately swarmed by fans. He engaged in conversations with his admirers, took photographs, and signed autographs.

Notably, Depp and Beck collaborated on an album released last July.

The actor sported his signature rock star appearance, clad in black jeans, a white shirt, a gray suit vest, and a jacket adorned with ethnic patterns. Completing his ensemble were blue reflective sunglasses, a thin scarf, chunky rings, and chains, with a blue cap serving as the final accessory.

Despite his apparent good spirits, online observers couldn’t help but notice that Depp no longer resembled his former self. He appeared fatigued and worn.

It’s worth recalling that in the spring of the previous year, a legal case unfolded involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The actor sought $50 million in damages from his ex-wife for false allegations. Depp emerged victorious in this legal battle.

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