Julia Roberts’ Daughter Hazel is Growing Up Fast and Looks Just Like Her Mother


Julia Roberts has spent her life fighting for worthy causes and avoiding Hollywood drama. There is very little bad blood between her and other stars, and she, more often than not, stays out of the limelight. Furthermore, she has chosen the same for her kids. However, pictures have recently surfaced of her daughter, Hazel, who highly resembles the well-known actress.

Julia Roberts Gushes Over Daughter

Julia Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder married in 2002. The couple now has three beautiful children together. Daughter, Hazel, accompanied her father on the red carpet in 2021. The premiere of “Flag Day” took place at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021. Moder was the cinematographer for the movie and wholesomely, chose his daughter to be his date. Julia Roberts had an interview with CBS News, in which she commented on the precious night. “I mean, it’s just sweet, just the innocence. She’s just with her dad. It’s not about anything else.”

Uncanny Resemblance

People found themselves stunned upon seeing the similarities between the teen and her parents. According to Julia Roberts herself, she and her husband often discuss who the kids resemble. “I always think that they all look like me, and then Danny comes home from work, and I go, ‘Oh, you, that’s who they look like,’” she said.

Julia Roberts’ Differing Fashion Choices

Julia Roberts also commented on her daughter’s casual red-carpet attire. She stated, “We were Facetiming actually right before they went out.” She explains, in depth, their conversation, continuing, “I said, ‘Oh, are you ready?’ ‘Yeah.’ Like, she didn’t really look ready to me, you know, ponytail? And I was, like, ‘Hmm, little eyeliner?’.

Julia Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder, have shown their children unconditional love and support. Furthermore, they have done what they can to protect their kids and keep them out of tabloids. In contrast, as their children age and come into their own, they’ll likely be seen a little more often in the public eye.

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