Keith Urban returns home for prostate cancer


Keith Urban, an Australian artist, is well-liked by his fans. His romance with Nicole Kidman, his current wife, began with a narrative straight out of a fairy tale.

In a 2007 interview with Vanity Fair, Kidman admitted that she was secretly engaged to someone else when she first met Urban in 2005 at an event called “G-Day LA,” which celebrates the work of Australians. Nevertheless, the couple got engaged in just three months following their fortunate meeting.

The actress reportedly told Metro, “There was an enormous attraction initially and we got engaged after three months and then we got married really quickly, but we didn’t really know each other.”Really, we didn’t get to know one another until after we were married.

“I believe there is a difference in meeting at a specific age. I also believe in my intuition. I had the impression that I had found my home the moment I laid eyes on him. He experienced the same emotion. That was all we had, yet it served as the foundation for everything we did.

The pair is the father of two stunning girls.


Urban’s father Robert, who died after a fight with prostate cancer, was one of the individuals who had a significant influence on who Urban became.

In an effort to increase awareness and pay homage to his father, Urban attended the Toowoomba It’s A Bloke Thing luncheon in 2018. However, his admirers were concerned that the musician might be afflicted with the illness when he was sighted by the paparazzi at the Sidney airport and the pictures surfaced.

But he was there for the Prostate Cancer Awareness/Fundraiser performance.

Urban is especially passionate about raising awareness of prostate cancer because, regrettably, several family members, including his uncles, also suffered from the disease.

In addition to helping the lunchtime fundraising reach a new record of $2,024,000, Urban promised to perform for free.

This demonstrates that Keith Urban is a person with a golden heart in addition to being an amazing artist, husband, and parent.

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