Legendary actress Loni Anderson looks just as good at 77 years old


In the late 1970s, Loni Anderson was a familiar face on American television. She portrayed receptionist Jennifer Marlowe on the CBS comedy WKRP in Cincinnati.

Loni Anderson rose to fame playing the seductive, curvy Jennifer on CBS’ WKRP in Cincinnati.

Loni Anderson won three Grammys for the program, which aired from 1978 to 1982 and followed the ups and downs of the crew of a struggling fictional radio station in Ohio.

“I think women loved the fact I was sexy and smart,” she said. “I know it sounds crazy to people today but in 1978, when we came on, not many women were doing both in comedy.”

The upper middle class actress from Minnesota was born there and showed an early interest in acting. But that wasn’t the only early development she experienced.

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