Lost Baby Elephant Cuddles With A Lovely Ostrich At Orphanage Comforting Each Other On The Loss Of Mothers

Seeing animals of many kinds create friendships has become a common thing. Yes, their living circumstances and the loss of their family can lead to new connections with other species.

This time, an elephant calf and a baby ostrich form a bond. They are always caressing each other.

All we can do as humans is respect their pure friendship and trust in genuine caring and love between them.

The elephant calf got separated from its herd in this story. He was washed away in a well and has never seen his family again. When he was transported to the animal orphanage, he made friends with another abandoned animal, an ostrich.

Pea, the bird, believes she is related to Jotto, the calf. Pea, the ostrich, has a sibling who was rescued in 2014. Pea remained at the care center while his sibling was released into the wild.

When these two hug one other, it gives them a sense of security. They’re working together to get over loss of their mother.

It’s evident that these two will be separated at some point in the future, but for now, they enjoy one other’s company!

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