Loyal Dog Refused To Leave Her Owner, After She Passed Out


This is a touching moment when a golden retriever refuses to leave her human mother as she falls on the street.

Emergency services were contacted when the lady passed out while walking her dog.
Because the puppy’s devotion and resistance affected the paramedics, they made an exception and allowed the golden retriever to go in the ambulance with its mother.

When the lady went down, it was evident that the dog was concerned that her owner was not moving. It went in circles, waiting for help.

Throughout the tragedy, the lady is seen laying lifeless on the floor with her adoring puppy at her side.

The dog was also seen holding the stretcher on which its human mother was being transported to the ambulance.

The two were transferred to a local hospital, where the dog served as a guardian angel, watching over its owner at all times.

The doctors even let the dedicated dog sit and wait outside the treatment room when the two arrived at the hospital.

The name of her beloved dog was the first thing the lady spoke after regaining consciousness.

You could see how glad they were that the woman had recovered when they let the golden to meet its human again.

“We knew we did the right thing by allowing the dog to tag along when we observed the patient hugging her dog,” said Zhang Jihong, the hospital’s chief nurse.

The lady was then in good condition, and she had fallen because she had had too much alcohol the night before.

“We were hesitant to approach the lady directly at first since the dog was extremely large,” Yu Jingjing, another hospital nurse, said.

“However, although the dog was extremely protective of its owner, it did not display any symptoms of aggression toward us.”

“The dog appeared pleased that we were there to help its owner as we approached the lady laying on the ground.”

Pets are normally not permitted to ride in the back of ambulances. They made an exception this time because of the dog’s exceptional loyalty.

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