Meet Samson – The Largest Cat In NYC


Maine Coon cats are well recognized all around the world due to their large size and thick double coat that comes in handy during harsh winter conditions. These creatures are very sociable and love to follow their owners wherever they go. They are full of personality and are also referred to as gentle giants. Maine Coon cats are considered as ideal pets because they possess the ability to sense their human’s mood.

These cats are generally curious animals that are sure to purr their way into your heart. It is very easy for humans to get along with them since they are gentle. Maine Coon cats are strong and athletic. Their high level of intelligence allows them to learn various tricks. They get along with kids as well as cat-friendly dogs. The problem however in taking care of Maine Coon cats is their coat need frequent care and their large size which doesn’t make it easy to handle them.

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Samson is a 28Lbs Maine Coon cat currently residing in the city of New York. He is not just larger than other domestic cats but is also bigger than wild bobcats. Jonathan Zurbel is Samson’s human owner. This large furry ball is about 4 feet in length and has managed to win over the title of “The Largest Cat in New York City”. It is also possible that he is the largest cat in the world.

The cat who held the previous Guinness World Record passed away back in 2013 and Samson took over the title because he measures 4.04 feet. This Maine Coon is adorable as well as tough. The reference, “gentle giant” can definitely be applied to Samson because of his gentle manner. Unlike some other Maine Coon cats, Samson is not overweight or fat, he is just sturdy and strong.

This loving Maine Coon waits impatiently by the bedroom door until his human owner wakes up. After that Samson comes inside the room and sits on his human’s belly. Jonathan describes Samson saying, “He is very kind and sweet and a very well behaved cat. He is a dream cat.” This brown and white ball Maine Coon is a talented poser and people from around the world simply adore him. One look at his photographs is enough to make anyone fall in love with him instantly.

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