Michael Strahan’s Daughter Isabella Had to Relearn How to Walk after Secret Battle with Brain Tumor

In the past few months, Isabella Strahan, the twin daughter of Michael Strahan, battled brain cancer with the unwavering support of her family. Because of the tumor’s quick escalation, she underwent emergency surgery and had to relearn how to walk.

On October 27, 2023, a day before her 19th birthday, Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella Strahan, underwent an operation to remove the mass found behind her brain. Her secret journey was no easy feat, especially as she spent some time in the hospital.

Following the operation, Isabella had to relearn how to walk with the help of medical experts and the support of her twin sister, Sophia. She underwent rehabilitation and several rounds of radiation, which resulted in hair loss, among other side effects. Although it was a grueling process, she eventually gained her mobility.

However, walking in a straight line was already a problem before learning about her diagnosis. According to Michael’s daughter, she had already experienced difficulty with walking straight in September before seeking help from doctors, alongside extreme headaches.

Isabella initially thought she had vertigo, but after continuous nausea and vomiting, she knew something was wrong. After vomiting blood, she went to the doctor and underwent several tests.

It was discovered that Isabella had a tumor the size of a golf ball behind her brain. The malignant tumor, medically called medulloblastoma, usually hits children ages five to nine. Unfortunately, it attacked her at 18 years old.

In January 2024, Isabella joined her father in a sit-down interview, looking brave and beautiful as she detailed her cancer journey. As her memory of post-operation happenings remains a blur, Michael shared about his daughter’s pain and extended sleeping period. He also revealed that some of her friends visited the hospital, even if it meant sitting with her only.

As Isabella continues her journey battling brain cancer, including chemotherapy in February, her family and friends continue to give their unwavering support. Her proud dad posted about his daughter on Instagram, writing, “I love you Isabella and I’m always by your side.” He also thanked those who continued to send love and support to the Strahan family.

As of now, Isabella Strahan looks forward to returning to her college and moving back to California to pick up where she left off as a student.

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