Mothering Instincts! Honey Badger Mom Attacks Zebra to Protect Her Baby

Mothering instincts are strong in animals, and a mother is always ready to safeguard the most important thing in her life: her children.

The size of the zebra approaching her infant doesn’t bother this honey badger mother. She’ll be ready to guard her kids when the time comes.

Despite the fact that the zebra was probably merely curious about the tiny honey badger, mom interfered to protect her cub — and did so by standing up to an animal that was more than twice her size.

Mellivora capensis, often known as the ratel, is a mustelid species endemic to Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Indian Subcontinent. The honey badger, despite its name, is not closely related to other badger species; rather, it has anatomical similarities to weasels.

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