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Disfigured Dog Is Given Up On Time And Time Again, Until One Woman Sees All His Beauty


Rarely ever do aesthetic qualities define beauty. When you turn us inside out, we all sort of look the same. The inner feelings that we have are what matter most.

Nevertheless, there were some individuals in Lucky’s life who could only perceive Lucky in her public persona. That was such a disaster!


Lucky had a significant facial abnormality from birth. He was donated to a rescue organization after being removed from his birthplace, a puppy factory. Finding him a place to live was challenging. When they turned to face him, they were astounded by what they noticed.


Lucky was eventually adopted after being passed from family to family and suffering at their hands. His first family in Austin kept him outside all the time since he didn’t like their pets. Thank goodness it was fastened to a tree.



He required sufficient nourishment and a safe place to sleep. He was overlooked and forgotten. The affection Lucky so rightly deserved was never given to him.

The family decided to give Lucky up before they moved. They had no intention of taking him at all. Lucky was obviously NOT a part of the family.

After being re-adopted, Lucky’s new family promptly left him. Lucky, the unfortunate puppy, was anything but lucky.




Then something happened on social media that completely altered everything! A shelter worker drove Lucky to the groomer. Jamie Hult, the appropriate person, studied images of a groomed Lucky that a volunteer had placed online. She was eager to meet Lucky! Even considering adopting Lucky straight away!

It just so happened to be someone from my network of dog rescuers, so I called him right away to ask for the puppy. According to Jamie, who was quoted by iHeartdogs, “I don’t want to foster it; I want to adopt that dog.”


Unfortunately, Lucky was in poor health and needed expensive veterinary care. He had heartworms and fleas. He was underweight as well. Jamie didn’t seem to care, though. She was willing to give him both her heart and her wallet.


Lucky received first-rate medical attention and made a full recovery, despite having a long way to go!

Along with his new identity came a new address, way of living, and self-perception. harmful compounds




I called him Beaux Tox since I think it’s fair that he requires botox. We appreciate beauty in all of its forms. I don’t use botox because my dog has such high expenses.

Beaux needs Jamie’s perspective and way of thinking more than anything! Do you object?


A whole year has passed since the couple’s happy wedding. Beaux is now a young, robust man leading a contented life. This adorable puppy will not experience lonely nights in shelters, days spent tethered to trees, or remarks made solely based on appearance.

Help Needed: Stranded Dog Seeks Assistance to Save Injured Companion After Accident on the Road


Millions of canines perish in auto accidents, if not more. The bad thing is that even though they are the ones who caused the animals’ pain, folks who hurt and kill these defenseless animals have no guilt and continue living their lives on their own.


Because of the carelessness of another person, this sorrowful little boy and his dying friend were left by the side of the road. The unhappy dog was drenched in blood, suffering from wounds that made his face sorrowful, and he was witnessing his friend die in front of him. The scene was terribly terrible and gory.



The incident took place in a tiny Chinese city. A local person got in touch with a team of animal rescuers. When one of the volunteers hurried to the scene of the accident, the dejected dog was still seated next to his companion.



The volunteer inspected the dying puppy right quickly, but it was too late; it had already died. However, the puppy didn’t show any symptoms of harm and seemed to be in good health.



He followed the two. He bathed the dog, fed him, and removed the fleas and blood from him.

He then took him to his comrade’s grave. It was excruciating to see.



The puppy was afraid after the accident, but with love and care from those he meets in the shelter and those who devote their entire lives to assisting and saving these priceless beings, he will recover.



Don’t leave without sharing his motivational tale with someone. I truly hope that whoever wants to adopt this sweet spirit finds them.

R.I.P. Frodo, The Last Surviving Dog Rescued From Michael Vick’s Dogfighting Ring


In 2007, authorities rescued 51 Pit Bulls from the Virginia home of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. These animals suffered horrendous abuse. They had been beaten, electrocuted, hung, drowned, and forced to fight.

Sadly, three of the dogs died, but 48 brave Pitties survived. Several rescue organizations and their forever families showed love and patience to these terrified, formerly abused dogs.

One of the survivors, Frodo, lived to be 15 years old. He died on December 18th, 2021. He spent the next 14 years being “pampered like a prince” after spending a year in hell at Vick’s compound.

Rest in peace, “Sweet” Frodo.

BAD RAP, an Oakland-based nonprofit animal protection group, announced the dog’s death on Facebook. This organization was invaluable in advocating for and rehabilitating the dogs.

The following is the BAD RAP entry on Frodo’s death:

“To Frodo – We all adored him. He was one of the most valiant survivors we’d ever met.”


Frodo lived a happy life with his adoring family and died in love. BAD RAP described the dog’s final moments as follows:

“While his mother, Kim Ramirez, and her daughter Dominique were crying, Frodo ate that enormous bag of steak.” Thank you for attending to his medical needs all the way to the end, Dr. Williams. He put his trust in you, and you exceeded his expectations.”


The Recovering of Frodo

Throughout his life, Frodo was the face of the effort to dispel the negative stereotype of Pit Bulls. He also demonstrated the value of patience and kindness in a dog’s life.


BAD RAP, who has extensive experience working with dogs captured in fights, had faith in these puppies from the beginning. BAD RAP previously stated that dogs with difficult backgrounds deserve a second chance:

“Frodo demonstrated that younger dogs rescued from cruelty incidents require early socialization in order to grow up strong and fearless.” In his case, he was probably 3-6 months old when he was apprehended by police, and he then spent six long and destructive months in solitary confinement before being rescued.”

When he was rescued from his terrible environment, Frodo was unusually timid and scared. Kim Ramirez, Frodo’s adoptee, explained in a 2009 interview with The Mercury News:




“The sound of anything mechanical irritates him. Our house had ceiling fans, and he would become fixated on them, fearfully staring up at them. If I opened a closet, he’d escape. Microwave popcorn is another option. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing the popcorn resembles gunfire to him. I don’t think he saw any of the fights. But I’m sure he heard them.”

Frodo was blessed to have the Ramirez family, who lavished him with love and sympathy. When the cute dog’s legs failed him, his family transported him in a stroller.

A true survivor has passed away.

The 48 Surviving “Vick” Dogs’ Heroes

Thirteen canines who had been liberated from Vick’s ring were still alive in 2019. Jonny Justice died two days before Frodo, joined by his family, and Uba crossed the rainbow bridge in October 2021.

These dogs were given the opportunities they deserved, and despite their backgrounds, they all lived happy lives.


Amazing things can happen when animal rights activists band together. These 48 “Vick” dogs are living proof.

Vick was sentenced to 19 months in federal prison for funding dogfighting while confessing to murdering dogs. Despite this injustice, the high-profile case influenced public perception of Pit Bulls and how abused canines may be rehabilitated.

Horse, hurt by 120 paintballs, is saved


The SPCA and New Holland, Pennsylvania, police investigated an incident after a horse was found abandoned and malnourished in a stall at New Holland Sales Stables. The horse’s name was Lily, a white pony mare named after the flower that represents the risen Savior at Easter.
Lily was emaciated, blind in one eye and with an ulcer in the other, and covered with what appeared to be up to 130 paintball hits. Luckily, Omega Horse Rescue found Lily and provided vet care for the abused horse at New Bolton Center at Kennett Square, a leading veterinary hospital.
She was in quite a bit of pain when the vets began treating her.

They’d hoped to save one or both of her eyes, but unfortunately, one had to be removed. SPCA Director Susan Martin was saddened by the pony’s pain. “It was disturbing and upsetting,” she said. “What took me back was how sore the horse was when I touched her. Horses can tolerate a lot of pain, but because she was so thin, there was no muscle to cover its bones. My guess is that the shots potentially bruised the bones.” Fortunately, Lily’s luck was about to turn.
That’s when comedian Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey stepped in.

The former host of “The Daily Show” owns a farm in New Jersey where he and Tracey house and care for a number of animals that have been rescued.
Tracey posed with Lily when her adoption was made public. A Go Fund Me campaign set up for donations to help with Lily’s medical expenses brought in $7,480 and is now closed.
Authorities were offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who could shed light on who abused Lily after she was dropped off at the New Holland Sales Stable.

Here’s how one horse changed an entire breed forever: The story of Doc Bar

If you are interested in the history of Quarter Horses, then you should know the story behind Doc Bar, the most famous Quarter Horse in American History. According to an article from Horse Channel, Doc Bar began life in 1956 to ranch owner, Tom Finley. The hope was that the chestnut foal would be groomed to be star racer. However, that dream was short-lived when Doc Bar earned less than $100 on the racetrack.
Many would assume that the tale of Doc Bar would end there, but quite the contrary. While Doc Bar was not a racer, he ended up being an amazing halter horse, cutting horse and sire. While he was not the typical Quarter Horse, he transformed the entire breed.
According to Western Horseman the appearance of the horse shed light on his ability. The article indicated, “He was deep through the heart, clean in the throatlatch, had little fox ears, and a beautiful head that he probably inherited from his dam’s sire, Texas Dandy.” While the horse didn’t have the speed for the racetrack, he moved swift enough to manage cattle. His mere 15 hands allowed ropers to easily capture a calf without injuring themselves. This shed light on how slight alterations in the breed could be beneficial in both showing and working the animal.
Doc Bar went on to win 12 first-place and one second-place halter horse showing competitions. About.com indicates that during Doc Bar’s brief showing career he won 10 grand and reserve championships. Doc Bar was eventually sold in 1963 to Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Jensen of Double J Ranch in Paicines, California for $30,000. That was an enormous sum of money during this time!
It was the strength, power, and ability of the horse that led to the decision of using Doc Bar as a sire and since then, many breeders strive to incorporate the Doc Bar lineage into their breeding program. However, an article from B-Bar-C Quarter Horses indicates that when halter horse competition began focusing on taller horses, Doc Bar’s career as a halter horse sire was in jeopardy. That’s when the owners decided to cross Doc Bar with two Poco Tivio Mares. The result was an excellent breed of cow horses.
According to B-Bar-C Quarter Horses, Doc Bar sired 485 foals that amassed 2,492 halter points and 4,569.5 performance points, and AQHA Champions This remarkable horse died in 1992 at the age of 36. However, the following year he was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 1993.
Doc Bar is proof that sometimes failure in a certain breed could simply mean that it is meant to do bigger and better things. Share this amazing piece of horse history with your friends.