Paul Harvey made this forecast in 1965. Now hear His Terrifying Words…

Radio pundit Paul Harvey warned America in 1965 with a prophecy via broadcast. Over a forty-year span beginning in the 1950s, his broadcasts reached close to 24 million people per week.Though he was correct in what he said, no one could have imagined that, 53 years later, his words would come to pass.Even now, hearing this announcement again makes many shudder.In 1965, An Unforgettable Warning Was Broadcasted For All To Hear. 51 Yrs Later, It’s Come True

Paul states at the outset of his “prophecy”: “If I were the Devil.” He then goes on to talk about a few contemporary problems. You should all give this a listen. Regretfully, but fifty-four years ago, Paul Harvey was right on.

“If I Were Satan” I would wish to cover the entire planet in darkness if I were the Prince of Darkness.Even though I would own a third of its land and four out of five of its people, I wouldn’t be content until I had taken the ripest apple from the tree.

Thus, I should go about assuming control of the United States, however necessary.I would launch a whisper campaign first.I would speak to you, as I whispered to Eve, “Do as you please,” with the wisdom of a serpent.

I used to murmur to the young people, “The Bible is a myth.” Instead of the other way around, I would persuade them that “man created God.” “What is good is square and what is bad is good,” I would admit.

I would softly suggest to young married people that employment debases them and that attending cocktail parties is beneficial. I would advise them against being “extreme” in their morality, religion, or patriotism.

And I used to educate the elderly how to pray by having them repeat after me, “Our father which are in Washington.”

I would then arrange things.In order to make everything else seem boring and uninteresting, I would teach writers how to make gory literature appealing.Dirtier movies would be my danger to TV, and vice versa.

I would infiltrate unions and push for less labor and more laziness. For me, idle hands usually labor.I would sell booze to distinguished ladies and gentlemen, smuggle drugs into whomever I could, and use pills to put the others to sleep.

If I were the Devil, I would support educational institutions that help develop students’ minds while ignoring the need to control their emotions.I would assign an atheist to represent me in front of the highest courts, and I would get pastors to agree with me.

I would persuade the courts to rule against God and in favor of pornography by using flattery and promises of authority.So I would kick God out of the courtroom, the schoolhouse, and finally the Congress Houses.

Then I would deify science and replace religion with psychology in his own churches.If I were Satan, I would create an egg for Easter and a bottle for Christmas.

If I were the devil, I would take from the wealthy and give to the needy until I eliminated the desire for ambition in people. Then everyone would have to report back to work in my police state.

After that, I would split up families, placing women in coal mines, children in uniforms, and objectors in camps used for slave labor.

The world will go to hell just as surely as the Devil if I were Satan, therefore I would just keep doing what I’m doing.

In the 1970s, my mom and I used to listen to Paul Harvey records. He speaks with great accuracy about everything. Everything he stated fifty-four years ago is exactly what is happening right now!

Watch the video below to hear his remarks, then share your opinions with us.

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