Playful Dog Storms Soccer Field And Tries To Make Off With The Ball

It comes as no surprise that dogs love playing with balls and if they ever get the opportunity to play with one then they will surely grab that opportunity. This is exactly what the dog in our story did. Even though he was the only one to benefit from grabbing the ball, he just didn’t care. Recently the Curico Unido team played a soccer match against the Palestine team and this match took place at a stadium in Chile.

Even though the Palestine team was on their way to victory 1-0, the true champion that day was not even a soccer player. The real winner was none other than a doggo who stormed the field to steal the soccer ball. The game had to be paused since this ball of fluff decided to interrupt. The crowd luckily reacted to this incident positively and could not help but smile.

Sadly, the dog was only able to hold on to the ball for a few seconds since it fell onto the grass. The doggo was then escorted out of the field by soccer player Maximiliano Salas. Even though this cutie was carried off the field, he was able to make his dream come true and appeared to have no regrets whatsoever. I think we can all admit that this doggo is definitely bold and willing to go above and beyond to get what he wants.

Nobody knew where the doggo came from. However, the creature was able to steal the spotlight and will be forever remembered for his bold attempt to steal the soccer ball. Fortunately for us, the soccer fans in the stadium were able to capture video footage of this adorable incident and shared them online for the rest of the world to enjoy. Have a look and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

And after all, he looks at the crowd like “Ball is life”

Image Credit & More Info; jeshucaroca/TikTok palestino_siempre/Instagram

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