Poor Elephant Was Trapped In A Canal and Couldn’t Get Out Of It! Look What Happened


A trapped elephant was able to escape a canal by climbing up a specially constructed rope ladder.
When wildlife officials realized it had fallen into a canal in Welikanda, Sri Lanka’s Polonnaruwa area, they made a plan.

Before noticing the Department of Wildlife Conservation’s handmade rope ladder, the elephant is shown wading across a canal’s waters.

The video starts with a determined elephant attempting to trek up a slippery canal bank.

He shuts his eyes and submerges his snout in the water once more, but he is unable to get his hind legs out of the canal and returns to it after a few attempts.

The elephant is then guided down the canal by rescuers using firecrackers before being brought to safety by a specially designed ladder.

The elephant raises his tail from the water and climbs the rope, branch, and tire ladder.

During the six-hour extraction process, the sad elephant makes desperate attempts to push his body out of the water and clutch the rope.

He tries numerous times before he succeeds in climbing the ladder and reaching dry land.

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