Prince Harry and Meghan Markle being kept in the dark about Kate Middleton’s surgery and recovery – there’s “no trust”


The one inevitable truth we can take from the whole Kate Middleton saga is that there are very few people who actually know what’s going on.

Much and more has been said, every man and his dog seems to have an opinion, but the finer details regarding the Princess of Wales’s surgery and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her subsequent recovery will likely never see the light of day.

Even certain members of Kate’s family have been kept out of the loop, if reports are to be believed. That is to say that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are intentionally “being left out of any details” as to Kate’s health woes.

A new piece published by PEOPLE Magazine claims that there is “no trust” between Prince William and Kate and Prince Harry and Meghan – hardly a surprise given all that has been said and done since the latter couple moved to the US.

Earlier this week we reported on how Meghan has had contact with Kate amid the storm of speculation centering around her “planned abdominal procedure” in January.

Meghan and Kate aren’t thought to see eye to eye these days – an inevitable result of the nature of Meghan and Harry’s tumultuous exit from the royal sphere – but one royal expert has gone on record as stating that the former has been in contact with the latter.


Speaking to the Daily Mirror, royal expert and author Tom Quinn said: “It’s definitely a good time for Meghan to try to build bridges with her sister-in-law and there has been some contact, but it’s been formal rather than sisterly – again, there is always the problem that Meghan can’t be trusted.”

Indeed, People Magazine’s aforementioned article appears to reinforce the idea that while the Sussexes and Waleses may still be on speaking terms, they are not nearly as close as they were expected to be back when Meghan joined the Royal Family via her marriage to Prince Harry.

An in-the-know source is said to have confided in PEOPLE of Harry and Meghan: “They are aware of everything that goes on back in England, but are being left out of any details regarding Kate. There is clearly no trust.”


It should go without saying that relations between Harry and Meghan and the British monarchy have steadily grown frostier over the past few years. The Sussexes’ explosive sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021 set the tone for a break-down in cordiality, while Harry’s memoir Spare, published in 2023, widened the divide, pushing the idea of any happy reunion – at least in the mind’s of the general public – firmly off the table.

“It would be the normal run of things to go and see your sister-in-law who’s had a serious operation and also see your niece and nephews. But it isn’t normal. It’s terribly sad,” a source close to the royal household told PEOPLE.

As for Kate, attention has now shifted to her potential return to the forefront of the royal sphere. Kensington Palace claimed back in January that the Princess would resume her official engagements after Easter, though no concrete date for her comeback has been announced.

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