Rava Idli Recipe | Instant Suji Idli in 15 Mins

Rava Idli Recipe | How to Make Suji Idli | Instant Semolina Idli with detailed photo and video recipe. Simple and healthy South Indian idli recipe made with semolina or sooji batter. It is an ideal morning breakfast recipe and can be prepared without the hassle of grounding and fermenting the batter. It is made with spices and is savory and hence can be eaten as it is, but tastes great with a dip of chutney or sambar.How to Make Suji Idli

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Rava Idli Recipe | How to Make Suji Idli | Instant Semolina Idli with step-by-step photo and video recipe. South Indian recipes are generally popular for their steamed and clean breakfast recipes. It is either dosa or idli which covers most of the breakfast recipe offerings. One such easy and simple idli recipe is the rava idli recipe which is not only tasty but also quick and easy to make.

Idli recipes are a common meal in my house and I make them frequently for breakfast and also for lunch boxes. I try to make different types of idli recipes and hence it does not make a monotonous morning meal. Having said that, rava idli or semolina idli is very consistent in our weekly menu. Perhaps because this recipe does not require previous day preparation and also no overnight fermentation. This is a huge bonus for me. So in other words, I have to mix all the wet and dry ingredients to make the idli batter. Once the batter is prepared, it has to be just steamed to soft and spongy idli. That’s it! healthy and tasty idli is ready within no time.

Rava Idli Recipe

Furthermore, some additional and recommended, tips and suggestions for the MTR style rava idli recipe. Firstly, I would strongly recommend using coarse rava or sooji for this recipe. Avoid using fine semolina as it may end up with a chewy textured idli. Also, you may buy a pre-roasted medium textured semolina to skip the roasting step at home. Secondly, do not use baking soda to hasten the fermentation process, and use eno salt as its alternative. Baking soda reacts with Indian spices, especially turmeric to produce orange-colored idli. Lastly, these idli’s can be made without any idli stand and you can use steel cups or plates to shape them and steam the idli’s. Apply oil or any greasing substance before the idli batter is poured.

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It is an easy and simple healthy South Indian breakfast meal prepared with a combination of semolina, yogurt, and a range of spice mixes. Rava Idli or Sooji Idli is a quick and instant version of the traditional idli recipe that is mainly derived from the combination of rice and urad dal. It takes only minutes to prepare the idli batter and then steam it to moist and spongy idli. Theoretically, an idli preparation takes the entire journey of soaking, grounding, and overnight fermentation to have a soft & spongy idli. Whereas, in this idli, the entire process is cooked in 10 -15 mins making it a perfect choice for morning breakfast.

There are several different ways to make the authentic & traditional Rava Idli. The most popular and effective way is to make it instant and with medium-sized roasted semolina. When it is mixed with sour curd, it gets the typical idli batter texture, which is later topped with ENO or baking soda to hasten the fermentation. The other way is to ground the rava and then ferment it which is very similar to the typical rice and urad dal-based idli. In addition, the variations can also be introduced with the type of toppings added to the instant Sooji Idli batter. Any type of vegetables like grated carrots, finely chopped beans, capsicum, and even corn to make it more interesting.


The recipe of Rava Idli is super simple with basic ingredients used to make this beautiful meal. Yet some mandatory and effective tips to make it correctly are –

  1. SEMOLINA VARIANT – The most common rava used for this is medium coarse textured semolina. Do not use thick bansi rava or even fine-grained semolina as it may not yield the desired texture and softness with idli.
  2. YOGURT SOURNESS – The softness of the idli, depends upon the sourness of yogurt or curd. It helps to ferment the batter and react with ENO to produce soft and spongy idli within minutes.
  3. CONSISTENCY – The batter consistency is very critical for this recipe. Like any other idli recipe, the batter has to be semi-thick so that it can attain its shape when poured into idli cooker molds.
  4. RESTING – Once the batter is prepared, rest it for a minimum of 10 minutes. This helps ENO to react with yogurt and hasten the fermentation process.
  5. TEMPERING – While adding mustard and urad dal seasoning or tempering is optional. Yet adding it helps to get the perfect balanced taste to the idli.



Always use coarse rava or Bombay rava for this recipe. Using fine rava or Chiroti rava may end up with chewy textured idli. Do not attempt with thick rava too, you may not get the desired texture of idli.


Instant rava idli is prepared with Eno and curd to fasten the fermentation process. If baking soda is used instead of ENO to hasten the process, baking soda reacts with Indian spices, especially with turmeric, and produces idli which is orange in color.


Idli stand is not necessary to steam idlis. Instead of an idli stand, you can use small steel cups or katoris, plates to steam the idlis.


Always roast the rava on a low to medium flame until it turns aromatic, or else the idli may turn sticky and hard. Roast the rava in a good amount of ghee or oil. There should be enough ghee or oil to coat the rava. Also, using ghee gives a good flavor to the idlis. rest the rava batter for about 30 minutes as the rava nicely absorbs water. The more you rest the batter, the tastier the idlis are. also, steam the instant rava idli on medium flame.


There are many variations like the simple instant rava idli. You can try vermicelli rava idli, vegetable rava idli, moong dal idli, bread idli, poha idli, oats idli, stuffed idli, ragi idli, and many more.


Rava idli batter can be preserved for the next day when it is stored in a refrigerator. Also, avoid adding ENO salt if you are using it for the next day. Once ENO is added, it cannot be preserved. So take a proportion of rava batter in a bowl, preserve it in the refrigerator, add ENO to the remaining batter, and steam idlis. The batter stays good for a day when kept in the refrigerator. As curd is added to the batter, do not preserve it for more than 2 days as it may turn sour and you might get sour idlis.

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