Rottweiler Can’t Stop Giving Endless Affection to Her Human Sister

Zara has always been a vocal and extremely friendly rottweiler, and when her humans had a baby, they didn’t expect much to change!

Pretty much as soon as little Gia came into the world, Zara was at her side, offering her unconditional love and support as any loyal sister would.

Gia’s mum Stacey recalls that the moment that Gia and Zara’s relationship took on a whole new dimension was when the toddler learned how to walk. She would constantly busy herself with looking for Zara, and would share everything she had with the dog, whether it’s food or toys.

Their bond is so special, that the first word that came out of Zara’s mouth was ‘pup,’ such is the love that she holds for Zara!

As the pair have grown up together, their bond has only strengthened. Since Stacey bought Gia a microphone for Christmas, the toddler enjoys nothing more than singing in her playroom. And when Zara hears her sister open her lungs, she immediately joins in and howls alongside her!

But Gia and Zara don’t just sing together. They play out in the garden, throw ball, and even take naps together. Their relationship is incredibly special, and the fact that they’ve grown up together makes them yearn for each other’s company when the other isn’t right next to them.


Stacey is really keen to see how Zara and Gia’s relationship develops in the next few years, and expects that the pair will continue to learn and grow together.

To keep up with Gia and Zara’s adventures in Zambia, you can follow them on Instagram.

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