Shame and shame: Plump Lana Del Rey shocked fans with an inappropriate mini-dress and a new shape


American singer Lana Del Rey, real name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, is seldom ever seen at social events these days. For the star’s fans, her attendance at the prestigious Variety Awards in Los Angeles was a welcome exception.

The “Prize of the Decade” was given to the pop diva, who naturally caught everyone’s eye. The performer, who is slowly “coming out of the shadows,” thanked her supporters from the stage. “My managers assisted me in moving up the ladder.

Furthermore, I have yet to perfect the art of walking in heels. The singer added after the award presentation, “They pulled me out of the bars I sang in for around eight years before I met them.

The star’s supporting cast earned extra praise. Lana made an appearance on stage wearing a laid-back Shein dress and her beloved bomber, a roomy black jacket that she has worn occasionally in recent years.

When savvy photographers learned that such a dress costs about $18, admirers quickly cleared the shelves.

Del Rey gained a lot of weight, which viewers were disappointing because a revealing dress with many necklines almost didn’t cover her large chest; yet, the diva didn’t seem to mind at all. Lana, on the other hand, has never been interested in fashion and frequently dons outrageous attire.

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