“She’s a real Thumbelina” – Meet the girl who’s only 99cm tall and defied all the odds


At first impression, Ontario-born Canadian kid Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley appeared normal.

She went to school, enjoyed sports, and had big plans for the future.

However, there was one thing that distinguished Kenadie from her classmates: she was only 99 cm tall.

Kenadie weighed only 2.5 pounds upon birth in February 2023, according to reports. Doctors swiftly determined that she had a rare type of cardiovascular disease that just 100 people worldwide are believed to have. Fittingly, the nurses called her “Thumbelina.”

Unfortunately, Kenadie was not going to live very long.

The girl’s illness may result in difficulties such as impaired brain development, breathing problems, and digestive problems, according to sources. Because of her brain impairments, the girl’s doctors at the hospital where she was born were worried that she wouldn’t have much time to survive.

Her folks were understandably heartbroken. They decided to christen their young child on the day of her birth to give her a name in case she died.

In 2016, parent Brianne told Barcroft TV, “We thought we were going to take her home to die, because that’s what the doctors told us.”

Nevertheless, Kenadie resolutely refused to give up as the days passed. Her parents were once again able to dream that their daughter would survive after she overcame all obstacles and adversity. For them, it was a miracle of the highest kind.

Years later, Kenadie continues to amaze everyone she meets. Though she is only 99 centimeters tall, her arms and legs are still juvenile, and she finds it difficult to pick up new skills, she is a happy little girl who fully appreciates life.

It is said that Kenadie likes to ice skate and bowl. Above all, she brings joy to everyone she encounters.

Kenadie lightens my mood. She comes over and offers you a hug if your finger hurts because she is so sympathetic. “She has a contagious laugh that makes you want to laugh with her,” Jessica Putnam, Kenadie’s assistant, said to Barrcroft TV in 2016.

Naturally, Kenadie’s family is up against a lot of new obstacles in their lives. The little girl’s health problems never go away, even though her loving ones do their best to accept each day as it comes.

“My greatest wish for Kenadie’s future is that she finds happiness. I want her to succeed and smile. Her mother remarked, “If we can make it through today, we’ll see about tomorrow.

We are delighted to share Kenadie’s motivational tale!

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