Simon Cowell started crying! The boy sang such a song that Simon couldn’t speak. He went up to the stage to kiss the boy. Full video is in the comments


It’s undeniably one of the most memorable moments in television history! Josh Daniel’s intensely moving performance of “Jealous” on “The X Factor” elicited a powerful reaction from the judges as well as the crowd. His performance was more than just singing; it was an honest portrayal of love, loss, and longing that drew on personal experiences and touched everyone in the audience.Anticipation was evident as Josh walked onto the stage. Nobody, even the judges, had any idea that they were going to see a performance that would live in their memory for a very long time.

Josh poured his heart and energy into the song, bringing his love for his departed closest buddy to life in every syllable. His voice resonated with honest emotion and carried the weight of his feelings, moving everyone with its power.

Even the notoriously hard-bitten Simon Cowell appeared moved by Josh’s performance. As the song reached its heartbreaking climax, Cowell’s eyes welled with tears—a rare moment of vulnerability from the seasoned judge. Josh’s performance clearly went beyond the limitations of a talent show audition at that point, turning into a moving ode to his friend.

The other judges were moved by Josh’s performance as well and spoke encouraging words, praising his bravery and vulnerability on stage. Josh’s performance demonstrated his vocal prowess and demonstrated the powerful effect that music can have on healing wounds and moving hearts, as evidenced by the audience’s standing ovation.

Josh Daniel’s performance of “Jealous” has remained popular with audiences all around the world in the years after that incredible audition, acting as a constant reminder of the transformational power of music and the eternal relationships of friendship and love.

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