Single mom fosters 2 girls then learns they have 2 baby brothers & doesn’t have heart to split them up


The best should belong to the children. They have access to food and clothing, and their family provides for their basic requirements. They also reside in a comfortable home. However, not every child has this luxury from birth.

Some children are left behind to live in shelters and foster homes without any sense of what the future holds.

They’re waiting on the perfect family to show them the love and care that they so very much deserve.

A former teacher harbored numerous foster children in her house; four of those children, for whatever reason, transformed her life.

For the past five years, Melissa Servetz, a single mother and former teacher, has worked in the social services field. For this reason, she opened her heart and house to children in need of foster care.

Over the years, she had fostered 56 children. It’s safe to assume that she helped a lot of youngsters throughout the years. Ultimately, she decided to foster one more before saying goodbye.

She had no idea that “one more” was the last thing she needed to accomplish her own goal.

When Melissa thought of adopting one more, her maternal instincts took over. She declared that becoming a mother had always been her desire. Seeing her four foster children who were still alive broke her heart.

She reflected on all the highs and lows she had shared with them, and all the adventures the kids had gone through. Melissa thought about adopting them, which would have given the children a home and allowed her to realize a longstanding desire of being a mother.

Melissa thought the kids had found her by accident. When a parent of a former student approached her while she was teaching at Tampa Bay, she told her that some kids needed a temporary place to reside. She said they were about to be removed from their home and placed under the supervision of an organization.

She called the agency to confirm that two girls needed foster care. A week later, she picked up Jade, the eldest of the four, before switching to pick up Destiny.

Two more boys, Matthew and Emerson, who also needed foster care, were born to the children’s mother. Melissa didn’t have the courage to say no, therefore she couldn’t keep them apart. That same thought occurred to her, and she decided she would adopt all four and leave no child behind.

Melissa was aware of the pain the kids had gone through, especially the torture that Jade and Destiny had endured. They all go to counseling in order to process their pain and assist Melissa in learning how to communicate with the children.

“I want them to keep in mind that I chose them. and I think I have the world’s best kids,” Melissa said on Good Morning America.

She thought all four of her kids had a promising future. They were a mix of lively, energetic, and joyful kids who were also kind, sensitive, and sympathetic, according to her description.

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