‘Smoke and Mirrors’: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Uses Social Media to Dispel ‘Separate Lives’ Rumors

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In a bid to fend off rumors they are living separate lives, Catherine Zeta-Jones used social media to show she is back home with her aging husband Michael can exclusively reveal.

The cutesy Instagram video showed the Wall Street actor sitting on a couch ecstatically rubbing the family dog’s stomach as Jones panned the camera to herself and whispered, “He likes to scratch in the belly.”

The Mask of Zorro star then took it a seductive step further by writing, “He likes a scratch on the belly… who doesn’t! me next” with a red heart emoji.

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SOURCE: @CATHERINEZETAJONES/INSTAGRAMCatherine Zeta-Jones posted a cutesy Instagram video of her long-time hubby, actor Michael Douglas.

The risqué post comes one day after reached out to the couple’s rep for comment regarding allegations they were living separate lives as they endured the emotional stress of empty nest syndrome.

Two sources claimed Douglas, 79, and Jones, 54, are having trouble adjusting to a new lifestyle in recent years ever since Dylan, 23, and Carys, 20, took off college and are trying to plot their own lives in the world.

“They are dealing with empty nester issues,” said one source, describing Douglas as a doting father who wants to be a stay-at-home parent.

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SOURCE: @CATHERINEZETAJONES/INSTAGRAMThe video was posted after reached out to their reps regarding rumors the couple were allegedly living separate lives.

“Catherine wasn’t expecting to be married this long to him, and he’s at the point where he’s just ready to settle down and just be a stay-at-home husband,” the insider said. “She’s re-reviewing things and saying, ‘Hey, I’m still young. I still have stuff to do.’”

As reported, the rumors began circulating when the couple put their prized $12 million Longford House for sale. The massive 9,500 square feet English country-style home with five bedrooms sits on 3.12 acres in Warwick, Bermuda.

A second source compared the couple to Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett, who revealed in her book, Worthy, that despite being legally married, the pair have been living separate lives since 2016.

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SOURCE: MEGARumors have dogged the couple since they decided to put their Bermuda home on the market for $12 million.

“I don’t know how long they’ve been separated for, but I know it’s been a while,” the second insider said of Douglas and Jones. “They have to present a family front – even if it’s non-existent.”

“It’s a very smoke and mirrors type of situation. They are just so obsessed with public appearances. They are just image conscience.”

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SOURCE: MEGAInsiders claim the couple are having a tough time adjusting to their empty nest since their two children are grown.

The couple briefly split in 2013 after it was revealed the Oscar-winning actor got throat cancer after contracting a virus through oral sexual contact, according to published reports. At the time, Jones was battling bipolar II disorder and depression.

The couple reconciled the following year and seemed to be the picture of marital bliss — but now that their children are grown, Jones is itching to live her life.

The couple’s rep did not respond to requests for comment.

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