The bear has been living in this man’s house as a pet for 20 years. But one day… Video.


This bear probably does not even know that it is not considered a domestic animal, but on the contrary, it is classified as a predator.
It is quite strange to see a bear in a normal family life.

No matter how many people keep predators at home, they are still nothing compared to this big predatory bear.

This bear is sitting at the table after eating. He has his own separate house where he lives.

No one has trained the bear, but he is not aggressive, on the contrary, he is kind and understanding.The bear allows himself to be hugged and combed his hair.

During that time, he sits very cutely. In addition, the bear plays with family members with great joy. He looks like a dog, but differs in size.

The family teaches the animal everything and it works very well for the bear.He is featured in various films and TV shows.

Watch the video and see how this smart and kind bear lives.

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