The Blond Beauty With Blue Eyes Used To Drive Men Crazy: What Does The Star Look Like Now?

Kathleen Turner, renowned for her strength and beauty, faced both triumphs and hardships throughout her life. Raised in Venezuela and London with her siblings, she endured the sudden loss of her father at a young age, which led to her family’s relocation to Springfield, Missouri.

In adulthood, Turner pursued acting in New York, finding success on stage before landing her breakthrough role as a femme fatale in the film “Body Heat” in 1981.

Her career soared with subsequent roles, including “Romancing the Stone” alongside Michael Douglas, with whom she shared a brief romantic connection.

In 1984, Turner married Jay Weiss, and they welcomed their daughter, Rachel Ann Weiss, in 1987. However, their marriage faced challenges as Turner’s career demanded significant time and attention. Despite efforts to balance family and work, the strain led to their eventual divorce.

Turner encountered health issues in the 1990s when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, causing pain and mobility issues. Despite initial fears of losing her ability to act, Turner found relief through yoga, pilates, and better management of medications.

Her career shifted more towards theater as she aged, recognizing the richness of roles available on stage. Turner’s resilience and dedication to her craft have defined her journey, demonstrating her ability to overcome obstacles and evolve as an artist.

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